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Me Against Myself!

Photography courtesy Tom Corbett

I love analyzing myself and everyone else around me (as and when they come in contact with me, of course!). I am one of those over-thinkers. It might not seem like that on face-value but trust-you-me when I tell you that I am addicted to thinking. However, it's more like a hobby than a call for depression! I enjoy finding things that might be common between me and the world. I also enjoy observing people and making sense out of their behavior/words/habits. From the sound of what I am saying it seems like I should have probably taken up Psychiatry or Psychology. But you know me by now, everything is a hobby for me but nothing a passion (such a tragedy)!

The point I was trying to make today was have you ever noticed that how some people seem more sorted in their head than the others? You might not know the person for very long or even closely but just in a few conversations itself you can make out if the person is a straight thinker or simply messed-up-in-the-head (for the lack of a better phrase). Often I feel, that one doesn't have to agree with what other person is saying they simply have to understand their point of view and the logic behind their words/action.

It's the lack of this 'logic' or streamlined thoughts that makes us doubt the sanity of the person and/or argue with him/her. There are very few people whom I have met that I can say are clear-headed and sorted. Don't mistake them for older and hence wiser. They are young and of today's generation. It's, I assume, inherent quality which can be developed by education but has little or nothing to do with age and qualifications.

I rest my thoughts for the day and continue with my another wild weekend :o)