Life Without Compliments

11:17 PM

This is the outfit I am talking about down below!

Is it me or compliments from strangers always seem way more earnest than from your friends & family? Take for example, a couple of weeks back I was wearing these really old boots (still in excellent condition) bought in my college first year. Oh! those wonderful days when I used to wear my title as a 'Spoilt Brat' with pride and always managed to shine in all it's glory. Those were the days when the word 'budget' didn't even exist in my dictionary. You want it? - You buy it! - That was the motto I lived by! ... until the tragedy of growing-up happened ...

Anyways, back to my original story where I was wearing these boots since morning, which had now started to hurt me. I could also feel an excruciating shoe-bite forming inside. I had no choice but to walk in them till we got back home ... and then ... (wait-for-it) *drum.roll* ... this lovely woman who was passing by said, "I luuurrrve your boots!" and I swear the pain almost disappeared like magic! I looked down upon my boots and felt glad I chose them almost a decade ago. *pat.on.the.back* Well done, Tanvi! :o)

And again, this Friday, I was having an average day ... doing my daily errands ... living my life ... la-la-la-la-la ... sipping my choice of poison [at Starbucks] where a flock of teenage girls kept staring at me for what seemed like eternity. Then, when I went to pick up my coffee from the counter one of them came up to me, very sheepishly and said, "We love your outfit!" after which a middle age lady standing next to me joined her and said, "I love your shoes and I have been staring at them in admiration since the moment you came in." And there it is - My average day turned into an amazing day effortlessly. May God bless them all.

P.S. I do try and return the favor, whenever I can. Although I have to admit, I am a scrooge when it comes to giving compliments, but when I do, I really mean it :o)

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