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In Fashion This Week

I am still high on the Fashion Journal idea I 'blog-lifted' from Jessica, last week. It has been fun clicking pictures all week and discovering my inner-dive-like tendencies. However, I have to admit I am terribly bad at this and my unease and consciousness is austerely visible. Anywhooo, here I am exploring my wardrobe and it's snippets!

Saturday - Shopping Spree

We (Me & Husband) were going shopping and it was really cold. I didn't want to layer-up. If I am going to try-on clothes I want it to be easy and simple. So I decided to wear a warm sweater (looks like a sweatshirt) instead of a big jacket! Also, I dig the Gwen-Stefani-sporty-look, but cannot dare to wear red-lipstick (ever!) This is my personal take on the 'sporty'!

Sweater - Criminal (London, U.K.)
Under shirt - Marks & Spencer (London, U.K.)
Tights - Thrift Shop (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Shoes - Air Walk (San Francisco,U.S.A. )
Socks - Puma (Austin, U.S.A.)

Sunday - Casual Relaxing

One of my husband's friends was gonna come over for a short while. So, unfortunately I could not spend the Sunday in my tracks and tee. I had to dress-up (a little!). It was still cold, yet sunny! This was my chilled-out-sunday-attire to cozy up and watch movies all day :o)

Sweater - GAP(San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Under shirt - Marks & Spencer (London, U.K.)
Jeans - Miss Sixty(London, U.K.)
Shoes - Local Store (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil )
Neck piece - Flee Market (Tehran,Iran)

Monday - Dinner Party

We were invited for dinner at my Husband's boss' place. Perfect opportunity for me to play dress-up!Bold However, I had to be in sync with the weather and of course the venue. And since I am absolutely in love with the 'leggings-look' I couldn't miss an opportunity to wear them (now could I?) :o)

Sweater - Nordstrom (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Tights - TJ Maxx (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Belt - Ralph Lauren (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Short Neck Piece - Gift (from Brother)
Long Neck Piece - Gift (from Mom)
Shoes - BCBG (Austin, U.S.A.)
Bag - Fendi (Dubai, U.A.E.)

Tuesday - Spent Thinking!

There was nothing special about the day and neither about the outfit. This is probably, how I dress everyday when I have nothing specific going on in my life. Simple, comfortable, and chic is how I like it. Plus, I love the neutrals for the winters! There was no agenda for the day except to run a few errands and live life :o)

Sweater - French Connection (London, U.K.)

Jeans - Urban Outfitter (San Antonio, U.S.A.)

Gloves - Stolen from Mom!

Shoes - Shelly (London, U.K.)

P.S. I don't think Fashion Journal is probably my thing ... Hmmm ... I will see how it goes! Btw, one more day and it'll be 2010! Yay!

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