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Happy Birthday, Husband!

It is my Hubby dearest Birthday today, so here's wishing him a very Happy Birthday and many more to come :o) P.S. I love using the word 'Husband' ... don't know why!

I have been missing in action for past few days but then no one seems to be missing me either. Hmmm. I guess it's a Holidays and everyone is busy with family, vacations et al. Few days back I was extremely sad that I am stuck here in the USofA, while everyone else is heading back home for the Holidays. However, Christmas cheer seemed to have caught up with me and I am all high-spirited and elated with joy! I just can't seem to stop smiling. First I couldn't point out a reason for my sudden 'glee' but now I seem to have narrowed it down to two :

1st Reason - My New Apartment, I Love it! It is spacious and all my pictures/posters/decorative stuff have a place of their own. I finally have enough space to fit in a dinning table where I can sit down and eat in a civilized manner (and anyone who knows me knows that manners are way up on my priority list!). I have a cable connection after 2.5 years. Can you believe I survived without watching TV for that long? Well, I suppose having Internet helped, but still ... can you imagine!

2nd Reason - My Family and Friends. I know it sounds completely cheesy but really! Often people ask me how I live alone so far away without any friends/family close by? But I never feel they are far away. They always manage to make me feel special. You want examples? I will give you example! Few days back, it was my Uncle's birthday (whom you might recall was impressed with my strength when I picked up a heavy table). When I called him up to wish him at the end of the day (with time-difference and everything) I asked him how his day went and he answered that, "Now that I have spoken to you, it's perfect!" Now isn't that just the sweetest thing to say? Then again, while I was moving apartments this weekend, I didn't have access to internet for 24 hours and due to all the work I couldn't reply to my sms's and/or blackberry messages. My BFF (whom we all know as Anita) decided to write a long-long email to me because she didn't wanna lose touch with me and told me everything I had missed out on in the last 24 hours. That's got to be the sweetest person on earth, right?!?! And that's not all, everyone now and then if I am not active on facebook I get these random messages from friends saying they miss me - "facebook is not fun without you!" - melts my heart every time! I also, have a sister-in-law, Soomya, who is most generous with her compliments to me. I have never known anyone who can say nice things all-the-time to me (Really, she likes me even when I am at my worst)! Hence, I have given her the title of my No.1 Fan! Well, I can go on and on and on ... I have too many wonderful people in my life. I seem to have made a smooth transition from being a social butterfly to a secluded 'virtual' butterfly (haha!). Oh! and last but not the least, my husband always says "Everyone loves you!" and that makes me grin even wider.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

P.S. Watch your weight! (like that is 'actually' possible! Hahaha *wicked.laughter*)
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