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Wiggle Shmiggle

I know the face s blurry, but the rest of it isn't :o)

Attention : All countrymen aka my avid blog readers, *imaginary drum roll* I have finally managed to be wiggle-free! (well, at least waist-down) Jumping is my favorite form of cardio, whether it is jumping rope, jumping-jacks, or just a simple jump for joy (but ya'll already know that)! So today morning, while I was under another torturous session with Veronica, I noticed that my bau-dai-h (body: pronounced with an acute sophisticated accent) was almost iron-clad. There was no disgraceful fat dancing around as I moved. Then, I came home and did the 'pencil-test'. Now, you may ask what that is? Here goes, Stand straight with your feet together and shoulders back. Take a pencil and try to hold it in-between your inner thighs. If it gets stuck there, you have a long way to go my friend but if it drops 'bang' down, join the club - you are fit baby! (Time for a victory dance) I wish I had the nerve and confidence to click pictures and show, but you guys just have to trust me.

Buzz-kill : I still need to do a lot of work in my abdominal area. I have realized that it is indeed the hardest and last to go. It requires some strict lifestyle and eating habits which clearly I cannot follow. For starters my husband is trying to make me fat (don't ask!) and then with all the traveling I do, it's an achievement that I manage to hit the gym at all. However, to eat 'absolutely' healthy while being away from home is a task-non grata!

I have to mention that the Squat Thrusts I used to dislike - I don't anymore. Another lesson learnt is, that in fitness the exercise you hate the most, is probably the one you need the most. And also, if you do not give up on things that are good for you, in spite of disliking them, you will eventually not only learn to like them but also be 'good' at them. After all, I owe my 9/10 legs to them (ranked by my highly-critical husband).
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