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Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes

I love shoes. I have way too many of them. I have sooooo many that I probably need a house altogether just to give them a good life ... and more necessarily to store them of course. More than half of them are back home, in India and but I have managed to create quite-a-collection right here in the shopper's heaven called America :o) I recently read somewhere that 'if diamonds are a girl's best friend then shoes are a woman's best friend.'

There are so many choices that I cannot control myself ... Colors, heels ... boots,pumps ... the choices are unlimited. I should mention that I have not shopped a single item-out-of-temptation in last 30 days (may be out of need ... but that too sparsely). But I have been flipping through magazines again and there are things I like ... One of those things is this beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin which I cannot get my eyes off! What do I do? I want them ... are you listening Santa?!?!


This week I have been catching up on this new show on CBS, "The Good Wife". It's a drama with the underbelly of law and politics. Lately, I did not watch shows like these. I am more incline to watch easy-going-pointless-chick-flick kinda stuff but I had heard some good buzz about the show so decided to give it a shot. Seven episodes later, I still like it. It is sharp, edgy, with some good thrilling-suspense. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching the court-room dramas, I have to admit, I missed them! Move over Vampires, it's time for some real drrrama ...!


Blogging has been great for my soul. I realize that the day I am feeling lonely or need someone to listen to my useless blabber, all I have to do is log-in and type-away. I wake up next day and my 'inbox' is filled with love and support. One of the benefits of being a girl - You can always rely on the Girl Power (How cheesy do I sound right now??!).

On that note, here's signing off, with the sun setting on my Sunday and Monday morning staring in my face with so many errands to run ...
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