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Mind Your Own Originality

Photography courtesy Amanda Pratt

I love originality. I admire people who think out of the box and keep coming up with new ideas. Even if those ideas involve things in everyday life like cooking, or organizing, or sending wishes, or just an act of kindness. I strive for the same 'originality'. I take pride in reaching ... may be, the same destination like others, but by a new and 'fabulous' path. I enjoy being unique. I do not want to be put into a box. The aim is not be mysterious but to be 'different' and stand apart from the crowd. (There are so many thoughts running in my head right now. So many dimensions I can go ahead and write this blog about ... but I will have to choose one. Hmph!)

However, often the downfall of being original is that it lasts only one minute. Why? ... Because some fool will copy you without giving you any credit or even worse not realizing that he/she has copied you! Of course it irritates me at first, but eventually I make peace assuming it as flattery (also I believe most people are stupid! Well, they are!).

Another lesson I have learnt is that you cannot please everyone ... but ... you can please yourself. So therefore, when I'm in doubt about what to do or which path to take I decide by analyzing what will give me mental peace and happiness. Easier said than done, yes! but I try and seldom succeed. I have started to focus on the fact that we all have one life. So, while I will refrain from holding anyone down or coming in the way of their desires, I will not let anyone do that to me either. Couple of years back, one of my childhood friends, Khushbu called me a 'Rebel without a cause' but now I have a cause - Life! (Wise, eh?)

After-thoughts : Does wisdom come with age, life and it's experiences? A few days back I was chatting with my cousin, Vibhuti, who is in her early teens. In-between our conversation something came up and she expressed that she finds me calm, polite, 'prim & proper' and sophisticated-sorts (and she wasn't giving me a compliment!). So either appearances are deceiving or I am finally growing up! **