Refreshing Change

2:23 AM

This is a cartoon, of myself, drawn by my husband dearest. Do you see any resemblance? :P


After months of being flooded with compliments and then some more ... it has been a refreshing morning with someone telling me the truth - I am not fit and I lack stamina. I happen to do a strength analysis today. Conclusion? I have fat stored in my inner thighs and inner arms. I have a weak lower back and shoulder. The person taking my strength test was not impressed! According to him, I have a long way to go.

Contrary to popular belief (that I dig compliments), I actually appreciate the naked truth. I immediately respect the person whom I believe is telling me the complete truth (with total honesty) without a condescending tone.

I had a killer workout today. By the end of the session I wanted to burst-out crying with tears of pain ... but it feels soooooo good now. I am true believer of No Pain - No Gain!


Recently I have noticed that the society feeds hypocrisy. People would say 'be genuine' on face value but in reality they want you to be up to their 'expectations'; sometimes it's in the name of courtesy, manners, relations, etc. I agree that there should be consistency on one's behavior, however, if someone has made up their mind that they do not want to involve in someone's affairs then that's it! In my opinion everyone should respect that person's decision and leave them alone.

But no! society (which means people, like you & me) cannot do that. We want everyone to give us a fake smile rather than move on without a smile. We want people to come and shed fake tears in condolences than not come at all. I don't know about others but personally I'd rather know that a particular person doesn't like me to my face than a person who pretends to like me and then turns around and makes a face!

I was discussing this with Grandmother (of all the people). As always, she did hear me patiently and agreed with my point of view. But naturally, she said. " The world doesn't work like this." What a shame, I say!

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