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Life in a Metro

Photography courtesy Max Vadukul

It's such a good feeling to go to the gym and find out you are the fittest person in the room (even if it's only for that hour). It's even more exciting when you find out that the staff at the gym also considers you as one of the fittest person working-out there. Of course, I am still the butt center of the all the 'fitness' related jokes/innuendos (by friends and family)... but read my lips - I don't care!

Experts suggest that when you are trying to lose fat or stay fit always surround yourself with like-minded people, as it would ensure that, you stay motivated and on track! I think I am lucky in this area as I have my husband and brother, both of whom are into fitness and keep me motivated. Although, I am a girl ( ... not a woman yet! :P Haha ...wasn't my intention to sound like a Britney Spears' song) anywhoooo, it is easier for men to tone down and have muscles naturally, but I take it as a challenge. [Fact: Testoterone is primarily responsible for increase in muscle tissue.]


Until summer I was absolutely into dresses ... all sorts of dresses - Minis, knee-length, Sheath, Kaftan, etc. etc. but since the start of fall I cannot get enough of leggings and super-skinny jeans. I think my style-mantra is - Go Back to Basics! A good fitting jeans [skinny .. for me ;)] and an appropriate top with a nice trendy jacket or waistcoat! Thank God, this look doesn't any new investment in clothes (... if you know what I mean *wink*)