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Interpreting Conversations

Me, beaming on a Sunny Day
Photography courtesy the Hotel Security

London + Sun = Heaven! Life is so much more beautiful when the weather is pleasant. I believe, besides good income opportunity, the second most important criteria on my list for choosing a city would be - the weather!

Well, for now, besides good weather, I am in a good professional environment. After exactly one year it is that I am amongst the corporate world. I have to say I love it. It's altogether another high. Firstly, I enjoy interacting with people, and secondly I love observing them as well. This is one of the reasons why Hospitality Industry suited me well. I like the whole charades of dressing-up, putting your best foot forward, and being confident of delivery (a service or product). Sometimes I use to wish I had an outter body experience where I could listen and watch myself in order to check whether I was up-to-the-mark by my own standards. Opppsss! Reminiscing again ... I guess I just miss working ... (really do)!

Anyways, a couple of days back, a friend called-up to invite me, to her wedding. Apparently, if you are married for over a year you are automatically licensed and experienced in other people's eyes to ask you for 'marriage-tips'. So she asked me for my 'tips' ... and that got me thinking ... and still I had no 'tips' for her. I just told her to be 'patient' and enjoy life. Ha! Hardly a tip on marriage or anything. But then ... she said something that got me thinking even harder ... She said, "That if a person like yourself can settle-down to be a 'home-maker' and do that for over 2 years then I have hope as well." Now, I didn't ask her at that moment but what is that supposed to mean? ... that I was ambitious before and am not any more ... or ... I wasn't accomodating enough before and have become adaptable now? I really hope is it neither of those two, because I think I am still ambitious while trying to adapt to any given situation (with a smile, if possible!) Phew! People!

Well, enough about me. What's happening in the world ... which is not London?!!?!? *wicked.laughter* ... HeheHahaHoho
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