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Gray Hair is God's Graffiti

Photography courtesy Stephen Oxenbury

Has anyone ever wondered why some Old people are so grumpy? Specially, lately! I always thought or may be expected that old people (Grandparents) were supposed to be sweet, loving, caring, or cuddly people. However, to my surprise I have come across so many old people who are unbearably grumpy and unpleasant. Seeing them I always wonder, "What's their story?". Specially at a grocery store (or an airport or a mall) when I smile at them (at the checkout/security) they blankly stare into an empty space. I know people would tell me, "Don't take it personally!" but I do! What's so hard about smiling back or at least having a pleasant aura around ... considering all the experience and life they have behind! Weird!


I recently read that Vinegar is a Fat Burning Superfood! Some Japanese researchers have found that the acetic acid in Vinegar can help reduce body fat levels, lower glucose levels, lower blood pressure and help manage weight. Time to add some 'tangy' to my salad now, but I'd rather make my salad dressing at home than buy from the market. As it's most likely to have more olive oil than actually required and lots of salt (high sodium) as a preservative!


Lately I have been a little under the weather. Being sick - sucks! I am dying to workout but can not ... I have no energy. I am barely making it to survive the day. So I guess the lesson here is to know when to stop! Level of Activity is directly proportional to Level of Energy. Although, I have to say that to be positive and pleasant while being sick is exceptionally hard. This is would be an absolutely wrong time to cross me ... coz one would really feel my wrath ...! *tired & solemn look*