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Day 56 - Game Over

8 X 8 Project

8 weeks offically end today, people! I didn't even realise and the time just flew by me ... but unfortunately I have to admit that I only managed to lose 5 out of 8 pounds *sad.face* Neverthless I feel the thinnest, fittest, and the best! Also, my flexibility has improved phenomenally. Hail Yoga!

By the way, I was not even able to follow even one of the 8 Not-To-Do Rules I had set for myself. I ended up breaking each one of them at one point or the other.
  1. No Starbucks [I had it once on my visit to Austin]
  2. No Alcohol [I had about 5 drinks over the period of 8 weeks]
  3. No Desserts [I had one every weekend]
  4. No food after 7pm [Well, had some light snakcs once in a while, when I couldn't resist]
  5. No Popcorn at movies [I had them once]
  6. No Traveling for 8 weeks [I am in London, need I say more?]
  7. No meals outside [I ate atleast 5 meals out over the period of 8 weeks]
  8. No Oil in food or even Salad dressings [ Didn't use Salad Dressings, but a tablespoon of oil was impossible to avoid while cooking]
The Travels

Today we were again blessed with a sunny day and a light drizzle which only lasted for about 5 minutes (so I'm not complaining!). Today's choice was Greeen Park (for the morning run) ... simply for a change of scenery. Green Park is bang-opposite The Buckingham Palace, which again brought back childhood memories ... but don't worry I am not about to 'jog" down memory lane again. Instead, I think right now the "current" stay in London is equally exiciting.

Since that first visit, I have returned to this city innumerable times but the charm still remians. I will always love London ... It's an on-going affair since last 13 years ...

P.S. Thank you, all for joining me on my daily quest of 8 X 8 :o)

Week 8 - Day 56 - 11th October 2009 - GAME OVER!
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