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Day 52 - Conduct of Life

Manners impress as they indicate real power.

I really find good manners, charming. (Well, not to the extent that they become annoying due to unnecessary courtesies) ... You know, like polite conversations, always knowing the right thing to say/do in difficult situations, holding your poise even when it's absolutely impossible, men being gentlemen, everyone behaving like human-being (to expect the least) etc. So, you can say that I am not a fan of rowdy comedies; Indian or American (I like situational humor), and wish to look back at my own life as 'what fun I had' instead of 'oh! I used to be crazy and I don't remember half of it'.

Manners are factitious, and grow out of circumstance as well as out of character.

However, don't people lack even basic manners, lately? (Or was the world always like this?) It's nothing new that has occurred in my life and neither am I mad at anyone ... It's a random thought that struck me 5 minutes ago (while I was pondering over today's blog post) that so many people I know are ill-mannered and/or lack common courtesy.

Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others.

Personally, I do not believe in holding any grudges or keeping a tab on who-did-what. I am more of a forgive & forget kinda person ... (I do remember to mind my back at all times!). But I can't forgive someone till he/her apologizes, now can I? I believe in giving everyone a second chance too ... but ... after that it's Goodbye! "Don't come back coz you are not welcome anymore, simple!"

Manners require time, as nothing is more vulgar than haste.

However, the kind of manners I am talking about here are very simple ones - like reply to an email, thank someone when they say a kind word, acknowledge polite gestures and so on and so forth. Instead, what I observe around me is pure ignorance and disregard! The common excuse for all is "Oh! I am so busy", "... in a rush", " ... have no time", etc. These are not reasons for being impolite, these are proof of inconsistent upbringing and lack of self-awareness. What you probably need is better time-management and ... manners, of course! :P

N.B. All quotes are by Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Week 8 | Day 52 | 7th October 2009