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Day 50 - Never Say Die

Photography courtesy Joshua Jordan
I want this body!

This & That

I had decided to skip writing the blog today. I didn't really have any thoughts to share or any wisdom to impart. I just finished seeing the Season Finale of Entourage and am actually a little blue that it's over. But then I received a message in my Inbox from Sheetal, who praised my efforts of motivating her ... and then my usual guilt parade started (of abandoning you all) ... and here I am ...


And while I am at it ... let me confess, that I am not motivated always either. Like lately, it's been challenging for me to keep my goals in focus always-all-the-time. In times like this, I derive motivation from people I have motivated! When my friends, family, random people (...hehe...) tell me that they are motivated by my words (or by seeing me) I have no other option but to get my ass to the gym and keep doing the what-I-do-best! I cannot lose face in front of so many people ... and of course ... I cannot ever be FAT again! So it's time for me to say Thank You All!

Photography courtesy Joshua Jordan
I want this body, tooooo!

Veronica was very proud of me today as she made me do Squat Thrusts again (which I detest, remember?) and I did not complain/whine/crib even once or said any 'bad' things to her in my mind either. I really ought to be grateful to her. My legs are looking like Gisele Bundchen's, ass like Cameron Diaz, and arms like Michelle Obama (I can say whatever I like, you guys are never gonna come check now, are ya? :P) ... Well basically everything is shaping up 'real' good (Thanks to her) ... only if I had abs like Geri Halliwell as well ... but thats not gonna happen anytime soon.

Week 8 | Day 50 | 5th October 2009
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