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Refreshing Change

This is a cartoon, of myself, drawn by my husband dearest. Do you see any resemblance? :P


After months of being flooded with compliments and then some more ... it has been a refreshing morning with someone telling me the truth - I am not fit and I lack stamina. I happen to do a strength analysis today. Conclusion? I have fat stored in my inner thighs and inner arms. I have a weak lower back and shoulder. The person taking my strength test was not impressed! According to him, I have a long way to go.

Contrary to popular belief (that I dig compliments), I actually appreciate the naked truth. I immediately respect the person whom I believe is telling me the complete truth (with total honesty) without a condescending tone.

I had a killer workout today. By the end of the session I wanted to burst-out crying with tears of pain ... but it feels soooooo good now. I am true believer of No Pain - No Gain!


Recently I have noticed that the society feeds hypocrisy. People would say 'be genuine' on face value but in reality they want you to be up to their 'expectations'; sometimes it's in the name of courtesy, manners, relations, etc. I agree that there should be consistency on one's behavior, however, if someone has made up their mind that they do not want to involve in someone's affairs then that's it! In my opinion everyone should respect that person's decision and leave them alone.

But no! society (which means people, like you & me) cannot do that. We want everyone to give us a fake smile rather than move on without a smile. We want people to come and shed fake tears in condolences than not come at all. I don't know about others but personally I'd rather know that a particular person doesn't like me to my face than a person who pretends to like me and then turns around and makes a face!

I was discussing this with Grandmother (of all the people). As always, she did hear me patiently and agreed with my point of view. But naturally, she said. " The world doesn't work like this." What a shame, I say!

Life in a Metro

Photography courtesy Max Vadukul

It's such a good feeling to go to the gym and find out you are the fittest person in the room (even if it's only for that hour). It's even more exciting when you find out that the staff at the gym also considers you as one of the fittest person working-out there. Of course, I am still the butt center of the all the 'fitness' related jokes/innuendos (by friends and family)... but read my lips - I don't care!

Experts suggest that when you are trying to lose fat or stay fit always surround yourself with like-minded people, as it would ensure that, you stay motivated and on track! I think I am lucky in this area as I have my husband and brother, both of whom are into fitness and keep me motivated. Although, I am a girl ( ... not a woman yet! :P Haha ...wasn't my intention to sound like a Britney Spears' song) anywhoooo, it is easier for men to tone down and have muscles naturally, but I take it as a challenge. [Fact: Testoterone is primarily responsible for increase in muscle tissue.]


Until summer I was absolutely into dresses ... all sorts of dresses - Minis, knee-length, Sheath, Kaftan, etc. etc. but since the start of fall I cannot get enough of leggings and super-skinny jeans. I think my style-mantra is - Go Back to Basics! A good fitting jeans [skinny .. for me ;)] and an appropriate top with a nice trendy jacket or waistcoat! Thank God, this look doesn't any new investment in clothes (... if you know what I mean *wink*)

Gray Hair is God's Graffiti

Photography courtesy Stephen Oxenbury

Has anyone ever wondered why some Old people are so grumpy? Specially, lately! I always thought or may be expected that old people (Grandparents) were supposed to be sweet, loving, caring, or cuddly people. However, to my surprise I have come across so many old people who are unbearably grumpy and unpleasant. Seeing them I always wonder, "What's their story?". Specially at a grocery store (or an airport or a mall) when I smile at them (at the checkout/security) they blankly stare into an empty space. I know people would tell me, "Don't take it personally!" but I do! What's so hard about smiling back or at least having a pleasant aura around ... considering all the experience and life they have behind! Weird!


I recently read that Vinegar is a Fat Burning Superfood! Some Japanese researchers have found that the acetic acid in Vinegar can help reduce body fat levels, lower glucose levels, lower blood pressure and help manage weight. Time to add some 'tangy' to my salad now, but I'd rather make my salad dressing at home than buy from the market. As it's most likely to have more olive oil than actually required and lots of salt (high sodium) as a preservative!


Lately I have been a little under the weather. Being sick - sucks! I am dying to workout but can not ... I have no energy. I am barely making it to survive the day. So I guess the lesson here is to know when to stop! Level of Activity is directly proportional to Level of Energy. Although, I have to say that to be positive and pleasant while being sick is exceptionally hard. This is would be an absolutely wrong time to cross me ... coz one would really feel my wrath ...! *tired & solemn look*

It is ... What it is!

I am sure everyone had a great Diwali, as I can see from all the pictures the
whole world has posted. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that everyone had a good one, I just wish I had a more 'sparkling' one too! Nonetheless, I am glad it's over and now we can move on to the festivals which are celebrated in this part of the world! Yippee! (Thank God, my grandmother doesn't read my blog, else she would be a little upset...) - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (my favorite)!

My cousin posted this Video on facebook, which then my brother very proudly re-posted on his profile. My other younger cousins (who are still in their teens) also seemed to have liked the video (surprise! surprise!) ... What was it about? - Russel Peters performing a stand-up about Women. While I am no feminist, but I rarely feel I can be categorized as one of the 'females' discussed (type-casted) in a stereotypical way by men, movies, tv-shows, etc. That is probably why I do not find comedy in such shows/discussions. I am not mad that women are portrayed the way-they-are (for I am sure such bimbos exist), I only wonder when will someone wake-up and smell the coffee and realize that there are women who don't give-a-hoot about what people think about them and their lives do not revolve around their hair/nails/clothes/ and even feeeelings all the time. No wonder I always relate to either the striaght-forward or the ambitious or the mean characters in the American sitcoms (e.g. Dr. Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy, Jordan Sullivan from Scrubs, Edie Britt from Desperate Housewives, etc.).

I mean, come on ... looking good is every girl's asset so we dress-to-kill and then ... move on. Yes, women are more sensitive and emotional than men but that doesn't mean that they are in any less control of their feelings. And NO! we do not always want to know what 'men' are thinking or for that matter, not thinking. The only reason 'some-of-us' might ask 'what's on your mind' is coz you have 'that' worried look! Else, Naaah! we are fine ... you don't have to share your every passing thought with us. As Russel Peters said, we have enough of our own!

By the way, before anyone jumps on me for sharing my thoughts (as I am aware that my brothers, cousins included, read my blog), Russel Peters spoke about a lot of other stuff that 'Women do' [apparently], which I am sure is true but this is what I wanted to talk about, okay? So, Peace! *wink*

Fairy Tales Do Come True!

I am back without an ounce of holiday weight! ... that's my idea of a Fairy Tale. If anything, I lost 0.5 kg in last week - Thanks to walking around the London City in High Heels! I have to admit, it feels good. I feel like a Super Woman. It is like a battle WON!

I have not mentioned this before but I have to tell it now. The studio I workout at, with Veronica, is 'ironically' opposite a Donut place. Often, when the weather is pleasant, we step outside the studio for a run or other exercises. It is absolutely entertaining to see the expression of the people picking up Donuts from the Drive-Thru window or even the people working behind the window. In spite of about a 100-feet distance one can actually see the disparaging expression in their eyes or the disapproving short-nod of the neck. I am quite sure that unknowingly I spoil their morning pleasure of a donut, but also equally unknowingly they make me go 'that' extra mile. Win-Win!

Lastly, it's Deepavali today, festival of lights (not sound). The best thing I like about any Indian festival is the innate feeling of letting go. On festivals we forget all the grievances and forgive all our adversaries. We can't help but! It's a joyous occasion with lots of sweets and gifts and guests. It's one day when everyone away from home ... wishes they were home.

So, may all our homes be filled with light and hearts with warmth.

Wishing everyone a very Happy & Prosperous - Shubh Deepavali!

Interpreting Conversations

Me, beaming on a Sunny Day
Photography courtesy the Hotel Security

London + Sun = Heaven! Life is so much more beautiful when the weather is pleasant. I believe, besides good income opportunity, the second most important criteria on my list for choosing a city would be - the weather!

Well, for now, besides good weather, I am in a good professional environment. After exactly one year it is that I am amongst the corporate world. I have to say I love it. It's altogether another high. Firstly, I enjoy interacting with people, and secondly I love observing them as well. This is one of the reasons why Hospitality Industry suited me well. I like the whole charades of dressing-up, putting your best foot forward, and being confident of delivery (a service or product). Sometimes I use to wish I had an outter body experience where I could listen and watch myself in order to check whether I was up-to-the-mark by my own standards. Opppsss! Reminiscing again ... I guess I just miss working ... (really do)!

Anyways, a couple of days back, a friend called-up to invite me, to her wedding. Apparently, if you are married for over a year you are automatically licensed and experienced in other people's eyes to ask you for 'marriage-tips'. So she asked me for my 'tips' ... and that got me thinking ... and still I had no 'tips' for her. I just told her to be 'patient' and enjoy life. Ha! Hardly a tip on marriage or anything. But then ... she said something that got me thinking even harder ... She said, "That if a person like yourself can settle-down to be a 'home-maker' and do that for over 2 years then I have hope as well." Now, I didn't ask her at that moment but what is that supposed to mean? ... that I was ambitious before and am not any more ... or ... I wasn't accomodating enough before and have become adaptable now? I really hope is it neither of those two, because I think I am still ambitious while trying to adapt to any given situation (with a smile, if possible!) Phew! People!

Well, enough about me. What's happening in the world ... which is not London?!!?!? *wicked.laughter* ... HeheHahaHoho

Day 56 - Game Over


8 weeks offically end today, people! I didn't even realise and the time just flew by me ... but unfortunately I have to admit that I only managed to lose 5 out of 8 pounds *sad.face* Neverthless I feel the thinnest, fittest, and the best! Also, my flexibility has improved phenomenally. Hail Yoga!

By the way, I was not even able to follow even one of the 8 Not-To-Do Rules I had set for myself. I ended up breaking each one of them at one point or the other.
  1. No Starbucks [I had it once on my visit to Austin]
  2. No Alcohol [I had about 5 drinks over the period of 8 weeks]
  3. No Desserts [I had one every weekend]
  4. No food after 7pm [Well, had some light snakcs once in a while, when I couldn't resist]
  5. No Popcorn at movies [I had them once]
  6. No Traveling for 8 weeks [I am in London, need I say more?]
  7. No meals outside [I ate atleast 5 meals out over the period of 8 weeks]
  8. No Oil in food or even Salad dressings [ Didn't use Salad Dressings, but a tablespoon of oil was impossible to avoid while cooking]

Today we were again blessed with a sunny day and a light drizzle which only lasted for about 5 minutes (so I'm not complaining!). Today's choice was Green Park (for the morning run) ... simply for a change of scenery. Green Park is bang-opposite The Buckingham Palace, which again brought back childhood memories ... but don't worry I am not about to 'jog" down memory lane again. Instead, I think right now the "current" stay in London is equally exciting.

Since that first visit, I have returned to this city innumerable times but the charm still remains. I will always love London ... It's an on-going affair since last 13 years ...

P.S. Thank you, all for joining me on my daily quest of 8 X 8 :o)

Week 8 - Day 56 - 11th October 2009 - GAME OVER!

Day 55 - The Pilgrimage ... continues

The Travels ... continues
I woke up to a warm-sunny-morning today. We, the ‘fitness-obsessed’ siblings, went for a run in the Hyde Park, first thing in the morning (… and … oh! what a morning!) God is kind (or whoever was controlling the weather up there today is kind). I lived in London for 2 years and every weekend decided to go for a run in Hyde Park, but my lazy-ass always found a reason for not going. Alas! I went finally and it was a refreshing experience. We are sure to repeat it tomorrow morning.

So, continuing my story from last night … I discovered my second favorite movie i.e.
Dirty Dancing, on my first trip to London. For the couple of days that we were at The Ritz, the movie kept re-running on one of the channels, and thus I ended up viewing it several times in just one trip. Recently when Patrick Swayze passed away, I was quite sad. He was one of the first Hollywood actors, whom I could recognize by name and face, both.

The hotel was as posh as it gets, from the doorman, to the receptionist, to even their housemaids! At times it seemed they were serving The Queen, and we were not up to their standards … hahah …! I remember that one of the days we were refused to enter the Breakfast Room in spite of being their house guests occupying two suites. Why? … Apparently we were not appropriately dressed for that room, as we were in Jeans and sneakers. Since we were heading out to Windsor for a day trip, straight after the breakfast, we didn’t think it was necessary to dress-up just for a mere breakfast. Of course we were wrong! Although they did make an exception and allowed us to have our breakfast, but only with a warning! Now that’s fancy!

We did the complete tourist-y thing … seeing the city on the red bus (which is all over the world now, but once was a London novelty). I found Buckingham Palace quite top-notch royalty. London Museum made me very angry. They had all these jewels and artillery and of course the Kohinoor, from our country (which I still believe, they should return already!). I didn’t have any interest in Natural History Museum, so that was a boring part of the trip. Harrods seems quite ostentatious. London eye wasn’t built yet (it was only opened in 1999), which I visited alone, several years later, before leaving London for good.

The visit to London, England was special (or all the other cities I have visited in childhood) for one and only reason - Dad. (Daddy’s girl, strikes again! :P) He doesn’t ever say No! for anything to me. (
I am sure he doesn’t refuse anything to my mother or brother, either, but I would like to believe I am the special one … hehehe) He is a total-sport and is always willing to do anything that we want to do, whether it’s site-seeing, shopping, theme parks, or simply doing nothing. We only have to plan it and give him the logistics and he just moves his magic wand and makes our wishes come true…!

I am sure even
The Queen doesn’t have that luxury :o)

Week 8 | Day 55 | 10th October 2009

Day 54 - Yearly pilgrimage to Londres!

The Travels

London London London ... I love London. In spite of it's weather, high currency exchange rate, not-so-friendly-people, ... I still love it. I landed today morning in to the city with clear sky, little sun shine and pleasant temperatures (by London standards). Strolled around Central London for 5 hours ...absorbing everything that crossed my eyes. P.S. The city has such awesome fashion sense. It's perfect for me as I like to dress classy and quirky, both at the same time! And now that I am skinny, I can 'legally' rock that style (it's good for my ego sometimes to use the word skinny, instead of fit).
Flying into London also made me jog down the memory lane ... (I love revisiting my 'happy memories' and reliving them every chance I get). The first time I came to London was in May 1996 (seems soooo long ago. I was only 14! Wow!). Oh! but I fell in love with the city, instantly. As a kid, I had heard from someone that Heathrow was one of the busiest airports in the world and a flight took off (or landed ... can't remember) every 2 minutes. So remembering this anecdote,when we got out of the airoport, I kept looking into the sky to count the number of airplanes I could see! (Silly ... but cute ... now that I think)

The cool and wet weather was a welcome escape for me from the Indian Summers (especially Delhi in May = Burning Hell). I have always hated humidity. It makes me extremely irritable. How can you possibly smile with sweat dripping down your face? London was pleasant. It rainded a lot but I didn't see that as a problem. It only meant we had to buy & use colorful umbrellas and may be even wear bright floroscent rain-coats *big.smile*. Besides we were using cabs to get everywhere, so what's the big fuss :P

The black cabs were so adorable and cute,too. I loved riding in them (even later in life when I wasn’t a tourist, I liked using them once-in-a-while). For some reason I distinctly remember humming the song ‘chup tum raho … chum hum rahien’ (From the movie – Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin, click here to listen) the first time I sat in the cab, all the way till the hotel.

I was also quite taken by the florescent vests, that I saw all the police officers were sporting, while riding their cool bikes. You can understand my attraction to even their vests, considering I was comparing everything to my home country.

The whole trip was amazing but the cherry on the top was our stay at
The Ritz Hotel (highlight of most … if not all my holidays is the accommodation). Our luxurious Suite with authentic English d├ęcor made me feel like The Queen herself, of course, I hadn’t seen The Buckingham Palace yet!

It was on this holiday and here at The Ritz that I discovered my second favorite English movie of-all-time as well … but more about that tomorrow, in my next post. Right now time to hit-the-bed and wake up early for some English Breakfast, What say?

Week 8 | Day 54 | 9th October 2009

Day 53 - 'Sweet' Lovin'


Sheetal - This one is for you. Check out this video (Click Here) and you will know exactly why I hate & love this exercise. If you do try please let me know what you 'really' thought! *evil.laughter*


I and Hubby went out to Baskin-Robbins last night to try their new flavor of the month (suggested by Anita). And if that wasn't enough ... we had two jumbo scoops of the ice cream. Our excuse? We were celebrating Karvachauth. Anyone who doesn't know what that is ... Please Google it! Sorry! :P It's an Indian ritual when the wife fasts the whole day (without a drop of water or food) for her husband's long life. Don't ask me the logic. It's just how it is. P.S. There is no ritual for husband to return the favors btw! Weird, right?!?!

Although, you know what? .. for the first time, after ages, I was not guilty. I had a very satisfying experience of giving-into your cravings. I indulged! It was almost karmic ... :P alright ... alright I am being a little drama-queen about it ... but what I am trying to say is that I enjoyed it as I knew I am in control of my body and I don't have to worry about getting behind on my 'desired rate of achieving the set goals' . However, people who are inspired by me please do not indulge just yet! ... Unless you are VERY sure that you are capable of controlling your cravings and are not going to binge. Indulgence should be just a one time thing ... ! P.S. I paid for the calories this morning during the 5 miles I ran!

This & That

I am keeping this one short. You will soon know why!
One more day to weekend, Yay!

Week 8 | Day 53 | 8th October 2009

Day 52 - Conduct of Life

Manners impress as they indicate real power.

I really find good manners, charming. (Well, not to the extent that they become annoying due to unnecessary courtesies) ... You know, like polite conversations, always knowing the right thing to say/do in difficult situations, holding your poise even when it's absolutely impossible, men being gentlemen, everyone behaving like human-being (to expect the least) etc. So, you can say that I am not a fan of rowdy comedies; Indian or American (I like situational humor), and wish to look back at my own life as 'what fun I had' instead of 'oh! I used to be crazy and I don't remember half of it'.

Manners are factitious, and grow out of circumstance as well as out of character.

However, don't people lack even basic manners, lately? (Or was the world always like this?) It's nothing new that has occurred in my life and neither am I mad at anyone ... It's a random thought that struck me 5 minutes ago (while I was pondering over today's blog post) that so many people I know are ill-mannered and/or lack common courtesy.

Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others.

Personally, I do not believe in holding any grudges or keeping a tab on who-did-what. I am more of a forgive & forget kinda person ... (I do remember to mind my back at all times!). But I can't forgive someone till he/her apologizes, now can I? I believe in giving everyone a second chance too ... but ... after that it's Goodbye! "Don't come back coz you are not welcome anymore, simple!"

Manners require time, as nothing is more vulgar than haste.

However, the kind of manners I am talking about here are very simple ones - like reply to an email, thank someone when they say a kind word, acknowledge polite gestures and so on and so forth. Instead, what I observe around me is pure ignorance and disregard! The common excuse for all is "Oh! I am so busy", "... in a rush", " ... have no time", etc. These are not reasons for being impolite, these are proof of inconsistent upbringing and lack of self-awareness. What you probably need is better time-management and ... manners, of course! :P

N.B. All quotes are by Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Week 8 | Day 52 | 7th October 2009

Day 51 - The Reader

Films & Fiction

I finally saw the movie - The Reader. Kate Winslet is unbelievable. What an amazing actress! A) I love British accent, B) I love her nonchalant responses in interviews. Quote : "My skin still crawls if you call me a movie star. I get embarrassed. I think, don't be ridiculous. Maybe it's because I'm British. To me, Julia Roberts that's a movie star." I can literally hear her say that with a charming smile and a lost expression in her eyes. After Revolutionary Road, The Reader, and Little Children, she has a fan in me. And people who know me will tell you that once I am a fan, it's for life!

However, the reason for this post is not Kate Winslet or her growth as an artist. Actually, I was thinking about the book and movie - The Reader, the whole day, today. As a teenager, I had a habit of picking up books which were recently published and not yet read by anyone. I still, rarely read reviews for books or movies. I like to make my own opinions about everything without a 'review' telling me what to expect. P.S. I do ask for suggestions from friends when in need for a good read, though.

I had read the novel - The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink sometime in 1998, I suppose. I had moved to Dubai in April 1998 and my new school was not due to start till September. So all I did was read, read ... and chat [Thanks to Namrata ;)]. I distinctly remember that the book was extremely disturbing for my sensibilities at that age.

In general, the movies have an advantage of being Rated (R/A/PG) but what about the books? Clearly there is no control over what material is available for whom to read. I personally feel that books give a greater power of imagination than what a movie ever could. In fact, a movie can easily limit your imagination to what you see on screen but books ... they open up the gate of limit-less possibilities and interpretations. While reading books have many benefits for a growing mind, I am sure it could easily mutilate it as well, don't you think? Parents cannot control what a teenage reads (at the library, borrowed books from friends, e-books, etc), so who can? I wonder ..! Well, Thank God I am all grown-up and I have no kids! Phew!

This & That

Nothing much to share on Food & Fitness. It's the usual routine ... sweat it out ... and then raid the pantry. So far ... So good ... Bon Nuit!

Week 8 | Day 51 | 6th October 2009

Day 50 - Never Say Die

Photography courtesy Joshua Jordan
I want this body!

This & That

I had decided to skip writing the blog today. I didn't really have any thoughts to share or any wisdom to impart. I just finished seeing the Season Finale of Entourage and am actually a little blue that it's over. But then I received a message in my Inbox from Sheetal, who praised my efforts of motivating her ... and then my usual guilt parade started (of abandoning you all) ... and here I am ...


And while I am at it ... let me confess, that I am not motivated always either. Like lately, it's been challenging for me to keep my goals in focus always-all-the-time. In times like this, I derive motivation from people I have motivated! When my friends, family, random people (...hehe...) tell me that they are motivated by my words (or by seeing me) I have no other option but to get my ass to the gym and keep doing the what-I-do-best! I cannot lose face in front of so many people ... and of course ... I cannot ever be FAT again! So it's time for me to say Thank You All!

Photography courtesy Joshua Jordan
I want this body, tooooo!

Veronica was very proud of me today as she made me do Squat Thrusts again (which I detest, remember?) and I did not complain/whine/crib even once or said any 'bad' things to her in my mind either. I really ought to be grateful to her. My legs are looking like Gisele Bundchen's, ass like Cameron Diaz, and arms like Michelle Obama (I can say whatever I like, you guys are never gonna come check now, are ya? :P) ... Well basically everything is shaping up 'real' good (Thanks to her) ... only if I had abs like Geri Halliwell as well ... but thats not gonna happen anytime soon.

Week 8 | Day 50 | 5th October 2009

Day 49 - Dial 1-800-Calm

Tanvi - Namrata - Anita
She probably wouldn't like being seen or mentioned on the Blog, but I'll take the risk.


I was reading that Pisceans are more inclined to be friends with people with whom they have common interests and impulses. Hmmm ... I don't know why would 'they' single-out just US (I have finally decided I am a Pisces and not a cusp!). Isn't everyone more likely to make friends with people whom they have something in common with? In my case, I think I automatically like everyone who likes me ... (of course I am vain) ... but also it makes sense ... Think about it. It reduces my time and energy in making efforts to make people like me ... instead it's so much easier if they simply decide on their own and like me for who I am!

Everyone knows Anita by now, I am sure. She is a fellow Piscean too, however, we are very different people (except being part of the Shop-a-holic, Choc-a-holic, Wine-a-holic Group). But this post is about another friend of mine, Namrata. We, too, are literally poles-apart. We do-not have anything in common, in terms of habits, interests (except movies), fashion, or upbringing. She is a Virgo. Nevertheless, she is my speed-dial for reality-check. She never mirrors my views or opinions or emotions (on anything!) instead always gives a more level-headed solution or reasoning. Therefore, when I need someone to tell me "Stop-shopping" I shall dial-Nam. She is not the one to pity with you ... she will tell you to get-your-act-together and make things happen for yourself.

I do not think she is even aware of how she has single-handedly shaped up my life post-Delhi. She was the first person I met in Dubai and the first friend I made there. She chose my high-school for me, she chose my subjects, the friends I made in Dubai were her friends first, she told me all these cool books to read, movies to watch, etc. etc. Had I not met her, my life and experiences would have been quite different and I would have missed out on a lot of stuff!

So the point I am making here is that everyone should have one friend who would show them the mirror and tell them the reality instead of always agreeing with them. I am glad I have had that in her ... but she does abuse her rights sometimes ... *grin*


One more week to go ... but that doesn't really mean anything ... I am on a life-long mission to stay fit. Oh! that reminds me ... it came to my notice that may be some of you think, that just because I am on the 8 X 8 Project, is why I go to the gym regularly (that's so not the case). I have been working out regularly (minimum 5 times a week) for almost 5 years now. This 8 X 8 thing was just my idea of losing the 'holiday-weight' I had put on in India.

This & That

The weekend is over (and I am already having Monday Morning Blues on Sunday night itself!). I have also been a little under the weather. I am going to try and get my immunity up and get back to my original energy levels.

Y'll have a nice week ahead!
(Imagine me saying it in a thick Southern accent)

Week 7 | Day 49 | 4th October 2009

Day 47 - WAKE UP SID

Film Review

Time for my second review (writing Reviews is harder than I had anticipated). The movie was cute and charming and right-out-of-everyday-life.

It is a straight-forward story without any bumpy-rides. You pretty much know what will happen but yet are completely involved in the narration. I personally thought the movie took about 40 minutes to sets it's pace but once it did, there was no going back!

It's a story of a spoilt brat (Sidharth) who has to learn to get up on his feet once the college gets over and he gets his result. It is also a story of a young girl (Aisha) who comes to Mumbai to make her dreams come true and be independent. She aspires to be a writer. Sid and Aisha's paths-cross on the first day of her arrival in the city and the story unfolds of their friendship, career, growth and ... may be ... love? There are some really touching sequences in the movie. I am sure everyone will find one instance that they would relate to, personally with their own life. My favorite scene in the movie is when Sid finds Aisha's 'white kurta' in his bag and wears it. Somehow the scene struck a cord with me :o)

Director Ayan Mukerji has done a marvelous job considering this was his debut movie. I think his forte is emotional scenes. The music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is absolutely in sync with the feel of the movie. It is melodious. However, my personal favorite is Iktara composed by Amit Trivedi. My only critic would be about the dialogues, as they seldom felt befitting which took away from the effectiveness of the scene.

Ranbir Kapoor in the portrayal of Sid was top-notch. He absolutely made the character his own and now I cannot imagine anyone else playing it. He was superb and cute and funny and 100% convincing. Special mention about his T-Shirts - They were soooooo cute. I loved each one of them. He should totally wear them all time. He looks ' so handsome' (you'll know what I mean when/if you see the movie) in them.

Konkona Sen Sharma is amazing, it doesn't get better than her. She is anyways among one of my favorite talented Indian actresses. I yet have to see her in a bad performance. Her movies might have been terrible but she always shines, in each one of them. She is an effortless actor. Her craft clearly comes 'naturally' to her. This particular role was definitely written for her. Again, no one else could have given such an understated performance and yet shine through it.

Supriya Pathak was adorable. Anupam Kher was good, as expected. Kashmira Shah was alright in the screen time she got. Chhotu was cute and all of Sid's friends were correctly casted. However, Rahul Khanna (as in all his movies) had a half baked role, which always makes me wonder - Why does he do them?

Bottom line - Watch it! It's a good feel-good-family movie. If nothing else, I came out smiling. My 2.5 hours well spent this friday evening.

Week 7 | Day 47 | 2nd October 2009

Day 46 - Face: The Mirror of your Health

Photography Courtesy Ilan Rubin

Today morning Woody was interacting again with the listening audience. Anyone wondering who Woody is? I suggest you starting reading the Blog from Day 1 (homework for the day ... hahaha). His topic was - How many women would die before they are ever caught without make-up in public? The only time I apply that guuu on my face is when there is something reeeeaaaaaalllllyyyy formal or I simply feel like 'feeling pretty' :P . He was actually surprised (in fact, I think his actual words were, "You all are liars") when 90% of the women called in saying they don't use make-up on daily basis.

I think healthy skin is wayyy more important to me. I feel that make up simply clogs my open pores (Currently my only envy are: Women with No pores and porcelain-like skin). I, specially, hate it when the bloody foundation rubs on to my clothes. Also, getting the damn make-up off is a huge ordeal ( ... rubbing your eyes to make sure all the mascara is out without having a black-eye, etc. etc. ... Oh! why God why?) ... I am sure it's very clear that I hate make-up (of course).

Audrey Tautou photographed by Max Vadukul for Chanel
Love her face :o)

By the way, while on the topic of make up ... can I just suggest ... , Please do try Mineral Make-Up (if you haven't already). I promise you, after trying it once you wouldn't ever wanna go back to liquid foundation or the other stuff. I have been using Mineral Make-Up (Brand - bareMinerals) since June 2009 and it is sooooooo good. The Foundation is super smooth, and light (feather weight). Most importantly it doesn't clog my pores and I feel absolutely naturale.


I believe I am quite content with my workout progress in last 6 weeks. I still hate my legs and abdominal area, but more about that another time. Besides, I am trying to stay positive - Learning to love my Body! After all, my body 'carries' me every single day and helps me achieve so much in life. It would be really 'mean' of me to keep complaining regardless of how much my body keeps up with me. The lesson I learnt this week, that loving myself gives me a lot of confidence to face the daily roller-coaster of life ... (Wah! What Food for Thought) *wink*

Week 7 | Day 46 | 1st October 2009
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