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Day 45 - Quirks, Addiction & Contradiction


I think I should go and live in isolation or some remote island far far away from the world of fashion magazines and online shopping. I am unstoppable. It's frustrating to have so many wants ... not needs ... wants! Move over Roxy (since they still do not have the shorts available in my size!) I have a new obsession - Moschino leggings! Now, I already checked and these are available in my size but my dilemma is that they are not worth the price and are so eye-catching that I doubt I will be able to wear them more than once. I think it's again time to sing, "When you are greedy and you know it - Clap you hands - Clap ... Clap ... Clap ... " (I and my brother always sing this and mock ourselves whenever we have an uncontrollable urge to splurge!)


I realize with every passing day that I am probably a walking-talking opposite of my childhood. Recently I have been highly praised for my innovative cooking (as you all already know ... hehe) and that reminded me how all throughout my early 20's my mom kept pestering me learn cooking or help her out but I wouldn't even step into the kitchen, ever! And look at me now, you can't get me out of there! Same goes with exercising, I simply never got-off-my-big-ass and was permanently glued to the television . Today, I am the Queen of the gym, so-to-say! Last but not the least, in spite of being a vegetarian I didn't eat 90% of the vegetables or cuisines. I think it would be safe to say that I only ate Potatoes, in all forms and shapes, which is definitely not the case any more. So, the morale of the story is don't judge a person on the basis on his/her childhood habits. You'd be surprised that People change, and how!

This & That

I have this really silly quirk. I can't have almost finishing toiletries in my washroom. For example, when a shampoo, body wash, etc. are almost empty (like they would last you ... say for 3 or 4 more washes) I cannot stand them and have to get rid of them as-soon-as-possible! So, often I end up using it all up in one wash. I am toooo eager to open up the new bottle but ... I refuse to throw the old one away until it is absolutely empty and of course I won't open the new one till I have thrown the previous one. Do you catch my drift here? I am just curious if I have this quirk in common with anyone else out there? Holler me ... if I am not alone ...

Week 7 | Day 45 | 30th September 2009