Day 44 - Young Fabulous In-Love and Broke

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The other day I was on the Elliptical at the gym, eyeballing everyone who was there (noticing in case anyone was working out harder than me so that I could mentally compete with them - give myself a challenge!). That's when I noticed two young girls enter whom I thought were kinda-fit. Later I realized they were not just any girls, they were mother & daughter. And the mother (who was very fit considering she has a teenage girl) was showing her daughter how to use the machines at the gym. I was so impressed that I am quite sure I pumped up to the highest-level-possible on the Elliptical, after viewing them. I found that very sweet and admirable.


I made this yummy salad today (at least I found it yummy). Juicy tomatoes marinated in White Wine Vinegar (for an hour) topped with lightly sautéed chopped cabbage, peas and corn and eventually garnished with spicy yellow pepper and finely chopped Avocado. It was mighty colorful and deliciously low-calorie :o)


I just wanna share a small but important lesson I learnt from my young cousins many years ago (when they were not-even-really-10 years old). They are born and brought in the West, hence have a prominent accent while speaking Hindi or English. All the adults in my family, including all the uncles and aunts (except my Dad) enjoy imitating people and harmless humor every-now-and-then. But of course when the humor is directed on the children of the family, it's not taken very-well. I didn't have the tactical knowledge of defending myself politely, but I learnt it from these boys. Whenever anyone would mock their accent, they very politely told them," Why are you laughing at us? We were not born in India so it's natural for us to have an accent. Don't laugh at us, it's rude!" The first time I heard them say that, I was shocked and impressed! ... and later I followed their suit ...

Week 7 | Day 44 | 29th September 2009

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