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Day 42 - Om Sweet Om

Photography courtesy Reed Rahn
Remember a couple of days ago I was mentioning that Yoga is improving my body image? Now I have proof for my statement! I read in the Fitness magazine that a study at Berkeley found that women who practiced yoga have a better body image than those who just do cardio - perhaps because the mind-body experience 'helps squelch negative thoughts'. There you go, enroll in an Om School, ASAP! *wink*

I am sure everyone is now well familiarized with my world-class trainer - Veronica. She kicks my butt ... but then ... when I see results - I thank her! My least favorite exercise is Squat Thrusts. I hate them from the bottom of my heart and Veronica loves them! On Friday she nagged me to do 5 sets of 15 repetitions (Oh! God. It was just horrible!!!). I was swearing at her in my mind ... I even told her, "I am saying really- really bad things to you in my mind." But she didn't care and was hell bent on those bloody squat-thrusts!

However, whenever I have to do any exercise which I absolutely detest I close my eyes and try and focus on some super-fit woman I might have seen at Yoga class or gym. Then I bring alive a mental image of her abs-and-arms-and-legs! (Don't worry I am straight, just obsessed with fitness!) It does help. I get through the pain slowly ... but surely...!

I am addicted to Shopping! I am, really! So now summer is over and fall is here ... so I am all ga-ga over the fall collection. Damn you! online shopping and Outlet Malls. How am I supposed to resist things when they are dirt cheap and sooooo fabulous!

Last week on an Indian Chat Show (Tere Mere Beach Mein) they had invited two celebrities who used to be obese at one point and now were fit. One of the guest was Sonam Kapoor, an Indian Actress (I luuurrvveee this picture of hers) who weighed about 198 pounds (90kgs) at one point in her life, and todays weighs about 124 pounds (56kgs). She said that even she is addicted to shopping coz now she can fit into all these tiny-miny clothes and can't get enough of that. I can totally relate to her. I can't stop buying clothes mostly coz I can't believe I can fit into them! I know it's been couple of years now but still ... I still can't believe ! (It's such an awesome feeling). I, probably, will have to sign up for SA (Shopaholic Anonymous) soooooon - 'Hi! My name is Tanvi and I am a Shopaholic, not yet sober' :P

Week 6 | Day 42 | 27th September 2009