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Day 27 - Weekend with the Vampire

Photography courtesy Mark Delong


It's Saturday again. Yippee! Day to be lazzzzy and love life. We did go to the gym though coz' that has absolutely nothing to do with weekend or not! So besides that, we spent it watching the HBO series of True Blood. It is about Vampires, Werewolfs, Shape Shifters ... all that hypothetical-fictional shmooze. *Spoiler* Incase someone decides to watch it! It might not be everyone's cup-of-coffee but it is different! I have kinda gotten hooked to it because now I want to know who the killer is ... ?!?!!


For lunch, I made this delicious Bruschetta a la Tanvi, today. Toasted some yummy Jalepeno cheese over a slice of bread in the oven and garnished it with an exotic mix (of cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, avocado, green chillies, celery, red onions, chopped garlic, with lemon juice). It tasted soooo good. I am not even ashamed of being immodest. Yeah! that's how yummy it was. :o)


First six months of the marriage were a real transition period for me (don't worry it's not a sob story). I just could not make peace with the fact that I was not earning and was a house-wife. I mean really, that was not my aim in life (ever!). Although, for now I totally-completely-utterly luurrrvvvvve it. I have so much freedom, I never had in my whole previous 25 years of life! I can take vacation whenever I want. I have no responsibilities. I have all time in-the-world to spend with my husband. I can pursue my hobbies, read my books, dance, cook, and do whatever on earth I want to! (Jealous, yet?)

However, when I did (once-in-a-blue-moon) get down upon myself for not earning or watever! I just remembered what one of my friend's mother (Mrs. Kapahi) had once told me, "Some people are born to work-work-work and slog their a** in the hope to enjoy life one day, where as some people are just born to enjoy life today." (Exactly!!!) She had said that explaining about her own life to me. However, today I truly understand what she meant ( I am so glad to be part of her club ... heheh). Like hell, I am not gonna apologize for the life I live! My Motto has been (since forever) and always will be - If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade! (and add some Vodka on the weekends, if you like :P)

Week 4 | Day 27 | 12th September 2009
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