Day 25 - Compliments ... and then Criticism

2:49 PM

The pretty Rain from those sweet Eaves

The pretty Rain from those sweet Eaves
Her unintending Eyes --
Took her own Heart, including ours,
By innocent Surprise --

The wrestle in her simple Throat
To hold the feeling down
That vanquished her -- defeated Feat --
Was Fervor's sudden Crown --

by Emily Dickinson
one of my favorite poetess!

Photograph courtesy Victor Eredel

Texas has been blessed with rains, finally. It has been pouring down non-stop. I love this rainy weather. This is one of the reasons why London is my favorite city. It rains there in any month with grey-dreamy sky to look at all times. That is my perfect natural ambience to write poetry or to simply just gaze out of the window. So-right-out-of Yashraj films, right? :o)

Of course, I did not feel the same way when I was living in the city and had to go to work while it was raining like cats and dogs. I always used to be more worried about my oh-so-lovely stilettos (pumps/shoes/footwear, watever!). But I most certainly enjoyed the weather on my days off. However, right now, I am a free-bird and I am going to enjoy my good fortune! Ha!

Borrowed from flickr

Currently, I am only doing 30 minutes of strength training, thrice a week with approximately 40 minutes of cardio at least 5 times a week. Bikram Yoga dominates my life right now for 7 more days (3 out of 10 down). Then I will re-assess my classes again and have a whole week of different classes focusing of different aspects of fitness (Pilates, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Step classes etc.). If you haven't already caught up with my 'unique' personality, let me give you a re-cap : I get bored of doing same things and have never been able to sustain enough enthusiasm to be the 'Master of one'!

Compliments & Criticism

Everyone loves compliments and hates criticism, no two ways about that, no matter how much they try and convince everyone otherwise - "I'm open to 'healthy' criticism", Ya right! What they are actually saying is that, "I have no other choice but to listen but I'd rather not". I am no exception either, compliments and criticism can make or break my day! Although, over the years I have learnt something valuable. I have recognized the value of some people in my life whom I admire. Hence, only their compliment is what I really look forward to and their criticism is what I take seriously. I mean, if I don't like the person or don't think much of him/her how does it matter what they have to say about me, Right? Then there are also people who fall into neutral category whom I assume have nothing to gain or lose from me so if they say something I do give a thought and then move on (compliment or criticism). Unfortunately, though the high of a compliment, barely lasts a day. Doesn't that suck? Hmmm ...

Week 4 | Day 25 | 10th September 2009

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