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Day 22 - Friends and Siblings


Last week a friend of mine called-me-up and in between conversations mentioned, "Every time I log on to Facebook, it seems you are on a new diet." She is a really nice person and I know meant no harm but what I do not understand is when people pass their comments (judgements) without knowing the facts. Clearly, she hasn't been following my Blog, which is fine as it's her personal choice (and her loss :P). If she had been reading, she would know I am not on a new diet everyday. So why pass an unnecessary comment? But I guess it's a common practice. People say things without thinking just to fill the conversation. I hope I do not fall into that trap, at least not often!

With Super-brother in Londres

More on ... Life

Recently, I have been analyzing the pros and cons of being the eldest sibling and having no sister (elder or younger). More so, because recently I realized that everyone close to me seem to be either younger (or middle one) of all their siblings (Father, Mother, Brother, Husband, & BFF) or have a younger sister (remaining to my friends). The only rule of exception here would be Meetu D! Therefore, everyone has someone to look up to, someone who pampers them, advices them, bullies them, or believes in them. Now , no ... no, it's no-pity talk. It is only an observation. Even if given a chance I wouldn't change a thing about my childhood or my status in the family. I have a lot of perks and I wouldn't wanna lose them ever *devilish.laugh*.

With BFF on the 6th Street in Austin

I am close to reaching my 4 X 8 benchmark of 8 X 8 Project and hence I went to pre-order my cute-little-neon-shorts from Guess what? They do not have my size! (very upsetting). I have to find some other splurge to motivate me. Although, my heart is still set on those neon shorts! *sad.face*

Week 4 | Day 22 | 7th September 2009
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