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Day 21 - Fresh like a Cucumber

Borrowed from iStockphoto


I'm Back and refreshed like a cucumber ... Aaaaaahhhh!

So, it seems I couldn't stay away for more than a day. How could I do that to my loyal readers :o) But I have terrible news. I was verrrrrry bad past two days (don't ask). Committed Food-Crime! I will be paying for it in next 5 weeks ... and how ... !

We went to Texan Hill Country, yesterday (right on the outskirts of San Antonio). It was a perfect weather this weekend to enjoy some greenery and down-time (as seem in the pictures clicked by yours-truly). It rained and then remaining of the day was pleasantly cloudy (not graveyard cloudy). My husband organized it since he read (on the blog, where else :P) that I was upset due to no travel plans. How sweet, no? And I had a lovely time.


I luuuurrve massages. That's exactly how I enjoyed my Saturday morning after a good workout. I had a swedish neck and back massage. It's extremely easy for me for relax as I sleep all-out half way through the massage (I secretly wish they would not wake me up, though!). In another life, I would wanna be a Queen (or at least a Princess) who has her own masseuse pampering and bathing her daily in a private hammam! Thank God, there is no tax on dreaming. *big.grin*

Oh ya, I have cut-short my long weekend to normal weekend as I am already missing da-gym & Veronica. Pearls of wisdom (to self) - Enjoy, Pamper, Eat and then be ready to bring-your-bum-on-the Stairmaster tomorrow!

Week 3 | Day 21 | 6th September 2009
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