Day 1 - Deranged Project

8:34 PM

I have finally found my motivation this weekend. I had been looking for it since past 4 weeks and then stumbled upon it yesterday while watching "Julie & Julia". By-the-way, can I just say that if God ever decides to assign a God/Goddess of Acting it would definitely be Meryl Streep! Anyways, coming back to my 'deranged project'; the movie motivated me to set short-term goals for myself and I am doing just that.

So, of course, since nothing else fascinates me more than fitness (except films) - Enter 8 X 8 Project. I will try and shed 8 pounds (approximately 3.6 kgs) in 8 weeks. Now before anyone starts to give me any lecture on - "How I don't need to or I look 'just' fine or How I am already too thin ...etc. etc." Please! no offense to anyone reading but this is probably not for you. Move on to the next blogger :o)

Firstly, I do not have a To-Do-List for this project. However I do have a quite extensive and hard-to-follow Not-To-Do list which is as follows:
  1. No Starbucks [where will I spend my morning now???]
  2. No Alcohol [probably real test of will power]
  3. No Desserts [shoot me, already!!!]
  4. No food after 7pm [easiest on the list]
  5. No Popcorn at movies [do-able]
  6. No Traveling for 8 weeks [*wicked.eye.roll*]
  7. No meals outside [weekends will be a real drag]
  8. No Oil in food or even Salad dressings [Hmmm I'm worth it?!?!]
The idea is to put myself under public scrutiny, and I know I only perform under pressure. So this project is supposed to help me lose the 4 pounds I added to myself over my 5 week-long-vacation and the 4 pounds I was supposed to lose even before I went for my vacation. Don't worry I am not going to be a skinny bitch, just very very Fit (and Hot, may be!??! *wink*)

The difference this time is that my husband is also on-board with me, as he also wants to have "Jesus' abs" (Quote from the movie <500> A must watch!!).

So, we are in it together and this is how it goes - 8 pounds | 8 Weeks | 8 Things-Not-to-do

Week 1 | Day 1 | 17th August 2009

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