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Day 7 - I am moving to Japan


Well, not really I am NOT moving to Japan but I would want live like the women there. They do not have any wrinkles, did you know that? For that matter, most asian women do not have wrinkles. In fact, they have porcelain skin. I was recently reading this article in More Magazine about how Japanese women have "soft, supple skin" which they call mochi-hada or skin that resembles mochi, a moist-rice cake. Their secret?

Soy Milk, Tofu and Green Tea
That's it! I am buying a kettle tomorrow

Also, not to forget most of them do not smoke and for desserts they have a slice of orange. No wonder their faces look like a painting. (Learn from them, people. Learn!!!)


Today was Sunday & Sunday is a Holiday (everyone knows that!). Come on even crazy-gym-o-holic like me needs a 'rest' day. I did work-out religiously for 6 days though.


We had a repeat of Channa Dal Soup with different steamed vegetable and Bhel-Puri with a twist. Twist being a lot of fine chopped cucumber, tomatoes, green pepper, one boiled potatoe with chillies. It was our weekly 'healthy' treat. For dinner we have whole wheat noodles with more vegetables and our Spicy-Yogurt drink. (Had to fight a lot of cravings of chocolate and sweets *sad.face*)


Did anyone catch the Pilot episode of Tere Mere Beach Mein, the new Indian Talk Show hosted by Farah Khan? Well, I did and I thought she could do a better job. I think she needs to work on her diction. She mumbles a lot of words in her mouth. On the other hand, I loved Salman Khan (First Guest). I will confess I am biased and smitten by him since the age of 7! (So what? It's no crime!)

Week 1 | Day 7 | 23rd August 2009
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