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Day 6 - One life, live it Fabulously!

Photograph courtesy Marie Claire


My BFF sent me this article (Click here, to read) about materialism and how a simple shopping spree brings an "impulsive rush of happiness" . The article got me thinking if I am a victim of consumerism (or not). Although I cannot clearly reach the conclusion, what I do know is that I am not addicted to a single thing in life and my monthly expenditure doesn't exceed my means. But if moral of the article was that - "enjoying the luxuries of life" is being a victim ... then I probably am! Nevertheless, it's debatable and I love good debates :o)


I am so proud of myself and Mr. Fabulous as we woke up on our Saturday morning, had our super-healthy protein shake and head straight to the gym. We kicked-some-ass and then some ... ! My husband even said and I quote, " You look quite smart while working-out." Now ain't that sweet and motivating? We both had "legs" on our workout schedule, so we did that together and had quite an awesome time!


I am sure people in America would know about Whole Foods but for the benefit of my other worldwide readers let me mention it's a health store (which, by the way, was founded in Austin, Texas) where you can find groceries and all kinds of health-foods. We had our Saturday Lunch there. While, Mr. Fabulous had some Grilled Salmon and Salad, I enjoyed my daily dose of Tofu and Salad. For dinner I had to fix a quick whole-wheat tortilla with lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber, etc. due to the lack to time, as we had gone for a movie - Inglourious Basterds (My Verdict? Err...Umm... Watch it but do not expect too much).

People living in U.S enjoy the Tax-Free weekend and contribute to the economy.

Week 1 | Day 6 | 22nd August 2009
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