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Day 3 - Modern Love and it's Emotional Baggage

Photography by Jasper Johal


So as it turns out I was not really addicted to Starbucks but to the venue. It is my 'reading-zone' if-you-may-call-it-that. I just happened to also enjoy my daily-dose-of-poison with my daily-dose-of-fiction. So all I have to do is find another venue! Right? Phew!

Reading brings me to ... all the books I have been ferociously downloading in to my brain. Most of them have been pure-chick-lits but somehow all the characters are of those women who are suffering from so much emotional-baggage. which is heavy enough to sink a ship! I would suggest all of them to do yoga, you know. I am sure all their problems will seem miniscule eventually. I do realise they are fictional characters made-up by someone's imagination (but I'm just saying!).


Ah! Yoga - bringing me closer to Nirvana. I remember in teenage reading about yoga and finding it 'boring' even without having tried it. Today, of course, I have a different opinion of it. The instructor is the most important in any group class, I believe. They always start the class with instructing us to practice Yoga without competition and expectation. The words in itself take half the pressure and stress away. In every class I am, now, able to do a new posture which I could not even think about when I started a year ago. The tiny steps towards physical flexibility are extremely gratifying which also make me more flexible towards other non-physical issues of life! (Profound, eh?). Word of advice: Everyone - Try Yoga and the divine in me shall honor the divine in you. Well, that's all from the 'wisdom-channel' today ... heheh :o).


I and Mr. Fabulous are doing quite-impressively-good with our daily food habits. In last 3 days we have not slipped even once and have had extremely healthy and satisfying meals. We mostly (on weekdays) have our two meals together - Breakfast and Dinner. For Lunch, we are individually responsible for our Nutrition. Today's dinner entree was Green Leafy Salad with Avocado and Chicken breast-strips and the main dish was Gourd Soup (Ghiya) with cilatro (Coriander) and steamed vegetables. I know ... I know ... Gourd does not sound very appetizing but I happen to love it (the way I make it). It is super healthy and actually recommended for people interested in weight-loss.

This & That

Yesterday, I forgot to wish Happy Birthday, to my favorite poet and lyricist - Gulzar. He is single-handedly responsible for my interest in words, sentences, metaphors, and eventually poems. I wouldn't have been a poetess if he wasn't the poet that he is!


Nutritional Value of Bottle Gourd
75g = 10 Calories, 0.2g Protein, 0g Carbohydrates, 0.1g Fat, 2g Fibre

Week 1 | Day 3 | 19th August 2009
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