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Day 15 - Life is ... in the Journey


My family believes I am doing social service by writing this Blog. They say, this is a way of giving back to society (Works for me!). It does make me feel productive but also makes me realize (over and over again) that I lack patience (which apparently you need for EVERYTHING in life). Let me explain ...

I get a lot of weight/health/fitness related questions from friends and strangers too (Imagine!). Of course, I know why! Even at a hundred mile distance one would be able to see that I am a fitness enthusiast. My blogging and non-stop blabbing doesn't help either. But my issue with people asking me these questions is that they don't really want to hear what I am saying but instead give them some magic-advice. (Look at me lecturing now :P, I was in their shoes just 5 years back) What I have learnt and I keep repeating is that there are NO Short-Cuts! You have to take baby-steps. It took you years and years of hard-work (eating and being lazy) to put that weight on, so now it's going to take same amount of time (if not more) to get that weight off too. And don't forget once you lose it, you have to keep-it-off as well (which is, in fact harder).


Mr. & Mrs. Fabulous in action :

  • We have no chips, chocolates, cookies, soda, or any unhealthy food items in our house. When are do get hungry in-between our meals, we choose - Fat free Cheese (cubes/strings), Fruits, Dark Chocolate (1 tbsp), Protein bar (shared), Milk and/or Yogurt.
  • We both have invested in 2 new (and kewl!) water bottles which we keep next to us (always FULL) and keep sipping on water. We easily meet our quota of 2 liters per day.
  • We try and have 5 small & filling meals in a day. We eat on a schedule so that our body is aware that it will be fed regularly and hence we avoid binge-eating.
  • If we are tempted to eat something unhealthy, we talk each other out of it and try to find the most tasty and healthy option possible.
  • We keep ourselves occupied with movies, activities, shopping, errands, etc. just so that our life doesn't rotate around food.
  • We make an effort to eat protein-rich foods, as they help create a long-lasting feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
  • Last but not the least, I [Using I instead of We here because food & cooking is my department :o)] emphasize on high-volume, low-calorie food, such as soups and salads, also all green vegetables and any food with high water content.
Now, I know half the people will read my tips and then forget about it. That's okay but Don''t ask me again! :o)

Verdict - Lost 2.6 pounds, 5.4 pounds more to go ...

Week 3 | Day 15 | 31st August 2009
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