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Day 14 - For the love of Shoes!

Photography courtesy John Paul Urizar


Earlier this week, straight after my workout, I went to Central Market (similar concept of Whole Foods) to buy some Dark Chocolate chips (for my daily dessert cravings). At the checkout counter the salesperson asked," Making desserts tonight?". First, I didn't grasp what she was asking but then realized it was due to the chocolate chips I had bought in bulk. I replied," No, I am watching my weight". Immediately after saying that I felt a little uncomfortable. You see, the salesgirl was a little overweight (I don't know why the word fat always seem inappropriate) and I being relatively thinner and saying," I am watching my weight" sounded a little harsh and something a skinny bitch would say! I had nothing else to say to redeem myself, so I gave my best-genuine-smile and left. I wonder why I felt so self-conscious ... Hmmmm!


It's always had to resist the temptations over the weekend as there is ample free time and somehow everything goes with food! Although, I think we did relatively well. This week's healthy treat was Idli-Sambhar, one of my favorite dishes from South Indian Cuisine. I made Sambhar with Moong dal instead of the Toor dal, as it has more health benefits and is supposed to be a high in protein & fiber and low in fat.


I love shoes! especially high heels (they are great for building calf-muscles). Even though, I do not get many chances to wear them in my current lifestyle, it never stops me from buying them though! I have even lost count of the number of shoes I own, but I am not complaining. My this month's splurge! They look absolutely delicious and fabulous. I can't wait to wear them. *drooooool*

Week 2 | Day 14 | 30th August 2009
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