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Day 11 - "The hair is the richest ornament of women."

Photography courtesy Justin Cooper


I am a hair-nerd! I love trying new products, specially shampoos & conditioners which are in fancy bottles. Recently, I tried this new shampoo by John Frieda, after reading rave-reviews about it in the magazines. It is actually good. It smells like I-have-died-and-gone-to-heaven and my hair honestly feels so smooth and shiny! I have naturally straight but fine hair, which get a little fizzy (but only in humidity). It looks like I am doing a product-plug on my blog, but I really just wanted to share this with my friends. I know quite a lot who love shampoos & conditioners (like me).


Today, after my Powerflex class, a lady (I am guessing in her late 50's) came up to me and said," You have the cuuutest figure." Imagine the grin on my face :o). Then she said," You are blessed!" which almost prompted me to give her my food & fitness run-down step-by-step (Of course, I didn't. I am not craaaazzzy). I just said, " I work for it." Then she called-out to rest of her friends in the class and declared, "Doesn't she have the cuuuutest figure?" to which everyone agreed (of course!) and then bombarded me with bizillion questions. I should have just directed them all my blog, right? But I have this uncontrollable urge to please people! *guilty.face*


Today hubby was craving a burger so I quickly fixed a home-made healthier version of burger. Toasted whole-grain bun with (fat-free) cottage cheese spread along with lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, and grilled chicken breast. On the side there was Cous-Cous with boiled chickpeas and colored-peppers garnished with chillies and lime juice. Sounds Yumm, no?

This & That

I was reading today in Allure magazine that some researcher have found that the way people smile in photos in early life can reveal whether their later relationships are likely to last. People highly expressive of positive emotion may be more open to relationships. Hmmm ... Interesting! Let me check my hideous high-school pictures :P

Week 2 | Day 11 | 27th August 2009