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Pot Belly? Love Handles? Spare tire?

Oh! I am so tired of the bloody-belly-fat. I have four-abs but the last two look more like a tire (not a truck tire but definitely a bicycle-tire). Although, I do a splendid-job of concealing it under my fab clothes :P. To add to my misery my summer indulgence (mangoes and lychees) haven't helped in shrinking it one bit either (of course!). 

Lately, I have been sooooo tempted to try one of those off-the-counter pills to melt away this dreadful stuff that wobbles when I jump up and down (at the gym, where else?). But I DO know better, so I try and remind myself (my own preaching) - "If it doesn't seem like work, it probably won't work". Damn you, sweet-tooth!

My insightful trainer informs me that the belly fat has mostly to do what I eat. I did know that, I was just hoping she would have a magical solution for me, instead of her words of wisdom. No, Really! Her suggestion to me (besides re-assessing my diet) is to start climbing the stair-master and running on the treadmill like there is no tomorrow

I have had these last five-pounds and stubborn-fat stuck to my body since over a year now, which just-wouldn't-GO! Right now I am not even able to derive any motivation from ogling at skinny celebs. 

I love vacations, but after that follows these deep-dark-clouds-of-guilt ....