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Fabulous Gibberish

I have been  meaning to write a post for last 2 weeks but in after-thoughts I found my thoughts not worth penning down (typing) ... so I let it go. Today, however is a new day and I want to write! I don't care what but I want to write! :o)  

Summer - It's finally here and I am loving it [My fav. 4 months June-Sept]. The colorful clothes, tube-tops, shorts ... Oh God it's my season ... This is what I work for [like crazy-drama queen] the remaining of the 8 months.

Holidays - I will be leaving for 5 long weeks. While I am super excited about stress-free-relaxing-pampering-being-spoilt-daughter, I have to say I will miss Veronica (my trainer) and my gym and my yoga & Pilates classes [Very sad]. 

Movies - I saw "UP" last week and I absolutely loved it. It's a must watch for EVERYONE! I am not much of an Animation-movie-kinda-person but this one I simply LOVED! Some of
 the pervious ones I have really enjoyed (so that you know if we have common taste) are Madagascar, Finding Nemo, and Shrek. 

Yogurt - It probably seems silly but I am addicted to Natural Frozen Yogurt. There is this specific place called OrangeCup where I discovered my latest addiction [Check it:]. It's about 20 miles (about 30kms) from where I stay but who care ... I gotta-have-what-I-gotta-have! :P [Special Thanks to Mr. Fabulous here]

Shopping - Living in the States is really hard for my self-control. And since I have discovered Online Shopping and my corresponding sizes (XS of course:P) it has become even harder. It had gotten to the point that I had to VOW to not shop for the month of June. It has only been 5 days ... but so far so good ... :o)

Well, so it seems I am all ready to enjoy my summer. All my favorite T.V. sitcoms have ended for the season so I can leave my couch and move out to the greener-brighter-pastures :P

Hasta La Vista, Baby!
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