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Welcome to my Orbit

I have been really out-and-about-traveling these past couple of weeks while scared to death about my health (read: weight) and fitness (read: muscle) goals. However, to my benefit, lately I have noticed that even after weeks of slacking (i.e. 3 times a week workout for 30 minutes only) I do not put on 'as-much-weight' as I used to; say 2-3 years back *touchwood*. Here, I would be immodest (openly!!!) and just simply thank myself for the whole mental transformation which I have achieved over the last couple of years. Like Madam V ( you know who you are) said that I have an Eye of the Tiger! I never lose focus from what I want. It's the only tool I have 24/7 which helps me keep myself on track, always

I have already shared my motivational drama with the audience.  Now allow me to add more spice to it! Giving you an insight of how my brain works so, People - "Hear Up!" 
  • Firstly, I have extremely HIGH expectations from myself. So I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT allow myself to slip even an inch from my goal. [Trust me, I am my worst critic]
  • Oh! and then ... I LURVVEEE all the compliments and attention *wink* that come my way due to my fitness mania and reasonably-decent-physique *wink*wink*
  • I also find it very flattering when my friends-colleagues-family ask me for health/fitness/weight loss related advice and in a way look up to me and at me for motivation
All said and done I have created an orbit around myself of positivity, motivation and dedication with (most importantly!) knowledge and hard-facts! I read health-related articles from trustworthy sources, constantly try to improve my eating habits and stay-on-my-feet (read: hyper-active :P)

I might have tumbled upon fitness [on my way to achieve greaterrrr things in my super-ambitious-life] but now I strive to stay here harder because I have made a strenuous effort to understand my body! I never wanted to get here really badly, but now that I AM here, I definitely want to stay - FOREVER

My body is my temple. Jai Ho!  :o)