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SUPER-Mom, Indeed!

You know that amazing feeling of disobeying your parents and secretly doing what they forbid you to do? Well, that feeling is diminishing at an extremely fast pace (like my youth) and lately instead of disobeying my parents, I find myself saying, "I wish I had listened to them as a child and I would have been so much better!" 

My Superrrrr-Mom is visiting me and everyone who has met her (or seen her) thinks she is, either my elder sister or my friend. And I LOVE receiving that compliment for her! Since we have spent six-awesome-weeks together (traveling, shopping, walking and seldom eating!), I have very closely observed her habits and tried to discover the secret to her youth and young-at-heart-spirit! [If anyone is thinking "surgery or botox", trust me, she couldn't be bothered]. She is not at all a gym-o-holic like me, she doesn't even count calories, neither does she follow any food/fitness routine. Her secret simply lies in a healthy lifestyle. Can you believe she prefers (likes CRAVES) to have an apple as a mid-day snack instead of a delicious-&-soft-like-a-rose-petal-chocolate-chip-marble-loaf-cake!?!?!?!?!

The fundamental difference I found between her and me (or anyone who wants to stay young and healthy forever) is that she doesn't choose to eat healthy but instead she is one of the rare few whose cravings are naturally healthy! She can survive, happily, on fruits and vegetables. (Oh God! how I envy her! I got the oily skin in the gene pool, why couldn't I get the healthy-gene?!?!)

Her second secret is her eating speed! She rarely (like once in a millennium) takes second servings and by the time most people are on their third serving, she is just-about-finishing her first. She doesn't follow any portion-control or curb her appetite. She just follows her stomach and hunger. [Why God? Why? ... Why couldn't I be more like her, naturally?] 

I don't mean to paint a picture of a skinny-mom. She is an average-built-normal-healthy-person who looks 20 years younger than her age and is very active and social (touchwood). I wish I am all of these things 20 - 25 years down the lane ...

I am listing some of the things which I do NOW but didn't do them when my Mom pestered me to, in childhood (because I was a rebel-without-a-cause):
  1. Go to the gym. But how could I? It was so boring!!! and besides there was always something very interesting coming on television or some super-important phone call which I just had to make *wink*
  2. Eat Fruits. Yikesss! Fruits? Why? They were 'weirdly' sweet and didn't even have chocolate. What a waste of my calories (Like, as if I was counting :P)! 
  3. Sleep on time, like before mid-night. Now why would anyone do that? I was young and I didn't-need-no-sleep! No really!
Have they found a 'reliable' time-machine, yet?!?!? I would like to make some amends ... hmmm or may be not .... *wink*wink*
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