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Count Your Blessings

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I would like to believe that I am an eternal optimist. It might be a hereditary disorder though, from my Dad (:P). However, most people think (or at least I think, that they think) that I am plain lucky or born with a silver spoon. I can see why they would think so! It could be because I like to keep the brighter side UP! I don't believe in whining or cribbing (mostly :P). I believe in keeping my act together and getting up every-time I hit rock bottom. And, trust me I always hit a NEW [lower] level of rock bottom :o). 

So far, I have no regrets and I have been able to find positive in every situation. I would say I have 300 good days in a year so I am allowed to sulk for the rest of the 65 days (if I really wanted to)! I never compare my life with anyone else. Therefore, the grass is always greener on my side, as there is - NO other side. I try to live in present and make most out of any situation I am in. We have only one life so might as well live-it-up! ... and god-forbid if life decides to give me lemons - I shall make lemonade! :o) So here's to counting-my-blessings... Cheers!  

  • I have no hair-volume what-so-ever but at least they are naturally straight and shiny [like a iffing sunshine :o)]
  • And I have an oily skin, so hopefully I won't have wrinkles for a long time. 
  • Also, I am a home-maker (don't ask why!) for past two years which have given me time to explore my calling as a writer and a self-taught-cook. [Not to forget I have managed to carve a decent body out of lump of lard]. 
  • I have moved 4 countries in last 10 years; it's a good thing that I make friends easily and have them all over the globe!

And so on and so forth... you got the point! Last but not the least when people, who are academically more established, smarter, richer, or even skinner than me tell me that they envy me I really have no other option but to go out there and live my life Queen-size because I only count my blessings and leave the rest to, if you may, destiny!  :o)