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Crunches are a WASTE OF TIME!

I am really really bummed today as my weekly Tuesday Pilates class has been cancelled (for good!?!?!). It has been replaced with Cardio Salsa (My emotions - What the @*&#!). Nothing against Salsa lovers but it's my twice-a-week Pilates class which has beautifully sculpted my power house a.k.a Belly region. Thanks to Pilates I am able to admire myself for hours in the mirror ! :D

Anyways, since my first post a lot of people have inquired about Pilates; and today seems to be a perfect day to profess my love for it. People, Pilates has completely changed my life and body. I stumbled upon it about 4 years ago and since then I have never looked back. The technique and equipment used in this activity helps in body-balance and shrinking your waistline. In just first 2-3 months I had lost about 4 inches from my mid-riff alone (and I am not even being-Drama-Queen-about-it). 

In comparison to Pilates, crunches will seems like a waste of time! Really! There was a point in my life when I used to do about 300 to 500 crunches daily and that did nothing for me! 

Pilates is an excellent workout for anyone who: 
  • wants to strengthen their core muscles, 
  • finds Yoga boring or monotonous, 
  • wants to increase their balance and flexibility
I wish I was writing this post as a publicity for some Pilates Studio or instructor and get paid for saying all these wonderful things. But nevertheless, It's all true! Everyone should give it a shot and see for themselves. In the mean time I am going to sulk about the cancellation of my class and try and figure out other alternatives...
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