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Motivational Tip No.4 by The Drama Queen

I have realized that once a thought has motivated me; it immediately becomes redundant. It cannot motivate me again ( at least not in near future). To generate new thoughts and gain more knowledge and stay motivated (of course!) I read a lot of fitness related magazines and websites and then derive my own logic (which works for my psyche and body) . I always find something that makes me go "Aaaaahhh! I didn't know that"! 

Recently picked up some new perspective on hard-work. Hard-work versus Destiny debate has been beaten to death, so I won't be getting into that but what I found interesting was how everything in life (career, marriage, relationships, etc.) requires a bit of hard-work, a bit of luck, a bit of vision, a bit of perseverance and still there is NO guarantee that one will succeed! And then I realized that it's NOT true for health and fitness. It doesn't require anything else but hard-work (and may be a little bit of determination :P), I personally stand witness to that! I have been slogging my a$$ in the gym for years now and boy! it totally shows results (and is worth it!!!). Health and Fitness is one area where if I one is determined to work (hard) on, then will DEFINITELY see results (i.e. succeed). As long as one is true to him/herself and setting realistic goals (of course) and pushing him/herself to the maximum limit, there is no way that one could fail! 

I am a believer of No Pain-No Gain and this is sweet pain because the gain is guaranteed! No wonder it feels so gratifying after a good work out! There are some things in life that you CAN'T fix and some things which you CAN. So why not focus on those that you CAN and make life happier :o)

Tip No.4 - 
Hard-work gives 100% results (in health and fitness)
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