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Am I Blessed? Or Is the Hard Work paying off finally!?!?!

I have had some month of non-stop partying and drinking and pigging-out (It's February after all, my favorite month of the year). My BFF (1st High School Friend) and her hubby Mr. LG (Lazy & Greedy :P) were visiting us for Valentine's Day followed by my Awesome Birthday. And boy! am I tired or am I tired!?!? 

But thank goodness it doesn't really show (No, really! I weighted myself self today at the gym). So this got me thinking if I am becoming one of those blessed women whom I used to call 'skinny-bitches' who ate and lived how-so-ever they wished and never gained a pound? - Answer: I DON'T think so. 

What I DO think, is that my 5 years of hard work and dedication, are finally paying off! My metabolism is all kicked-in and though I am on a holiday I never (read: NEVER) indulge or over eat! The only vice of the vacation is little (or none) work-out and a lot of drinking but so far that has not shown any irreplaceable damage on my figure; and mind you, I travel every month for pleasure (or at least 10 out of 12 months). 

Not to forget, along with my hard work I have a very strong support system of my friends and Superman (My Brother :P). The moment my (any) holiday gets over, the first advice I get the next morning from the Superman is to hit the gym and detox till my next vacation :P (and for some really weird reason I ONLY listen to him in the whole world). He is my long-distance work-out partner. I would also like to applaud him for losing over 20 kgs ( i.e. approximately 45 pounds) in last 5 years. So we are each other's reality check (and brutally honest about it).

There is not really any motivational or health tip in this particular post of mine. Unless someone tries really-really hard to see my silver lining - Hard Work Pays Off! Also my TFF (True Friend Forever, 2nd High School Friend) told me to write this so that the world can know that The Drama Queen is not just about the work but also about a lot of play!

So Party On! people, you live only once. 

(It's my Birthday Month; and that's my excuse :P)
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