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My Fit-to-Staying Fit Journey

Once I started enjoying work-out it was not really that hard to stay motivated. The release of endorphins was so addictive that I would stay high on life just by exercising. I almost wanted to move-in at the gym itself (Only, if they would let me). I had gone completely fitness-crazy because I was seeing results - my waist line was decreasing, weight was dropping, skin was glowing ... there was nothing more I wanted in my life. 

Every week I would set goals for myself. I would (Believe it or not!) reach them and then strive harder to stay there. It had become my own-small-little-entertainment of sorts! But I think what helped me the most, at this stage, was that I had surrounded myself with people (God helped) who had similar goals (mostly at the gym or group classes). I tried to block all negativity from anyone telling me - Oh! You have become too weak or the glow from your face is disappearing, etc. etc. Trust me, nothing of sorts was happening. My family just likes chubby people :o)

I blocked all these people from my "fitness-crazy-brain" and only focused on where (in terms of health) I wanted to be and how! I just followed my body's (and trainer's) instructions. When I felt I am tired, I stopped but when I had it in me, I went full-throttle! I never wanted to be tooth-pick skinny, I sure knew that! I just wanted to be fit-firm-and-healthy! And for me healthy (read: sexy) body images where not Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie, they were Charlie Theron and Halle Berry.

To maintain what I had achieved and to motivate myself to go for that last mile, I simply had to focus on staying positive. I was almost falling prey to the last minute exhaustion and temptation to give up. For everyone who thinks entering the gym (or to start working-out) is hard, they are in for a surprise - What is hard is to continue going after you have achieved your first set of results! Well, I just kept my old (read: fat) pictures handy so that whenever I am about to take things for granted, I can have a reality check! (one look at them and I was ready for another sprint around the whole city! TWICE :P)

5 Things I did to stay Fit

- Weighed myself once a week (same time)
- Wrote down everything I eat (Even if it was - 1 toffee)
- Ate fibrous fruits & vegetables
- Had dessert only once a week
- Avoided using the car as much as possible
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