My Fat-to-Fit Journey

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Over the past 5 years I have been often asked how I lost all "my" (like it was something I was holding on to) weight, which is then followed by 'how I manage to stay in shape' even after "marriage".  Today seems to be the day when I am exceptionally motivated to share my story like they say and hence the reminiscing ...

For couple of years I lived and worked in London. With zero social life and the depressing weather, to my surprise I had shed the first 4-5 kgs by sheer laziness to cook. My routine composed of going to bed early and waking up and heading to work straight. However once it dawned upon me that God was finally helping me, I too decided to contribute my share. I joined a gym for the n'th time.  In a twisted way my sad-lonely life was a blessing in disguise as to kill time and delay getting home I decided to walk to and from work (Total of 6-7 kms in a day). Before I knew I fell in love with walking!

So here I was walking all over London to run errands, go to work, shopping, everything!!! But I still had these weekends where I had more time to kill ... so I joined Pilates (Love It)! Within 6 months of making all these life-altering decisions I had now lost about 10kgs without any real dieting! And this was, now I realize, actually the easy part!  

Homesickness took me back to Delhi, for good! I didn't waste any time and joined a gym the VERY next day I landed. But it was proving really difficult to lose the last couple of inches I was desperate of get rid of. I should also mention at this point I was addicted to working-out and couldn't live without breaking-into-a-sweat every single day! And this time I went all out. Did various activities throughout the week including Salsa, Spinning, Yoga, Step Classes, etc. I lost inches but NO weight! But I didn't give up. I made further more changes to adapt my lifestyle to being healthy with lots of fruits, vegetables, yogurt and less sugar & carbs (I am a Vegetarian). One year in India, still no weight-loss but got a LOT leaner and fitter body. But even now I was obsessing with weight. I wanted to see it on the scale which was not happening. So I attempted my luck with Personal Training. This too only helped me get leaner but no significant weight loss. 

After one year and six months of living in Delhi I managed to stay on the same weight and loose a few inches.  Then I moved to U.S. after marriage and workout took a back seat for the next six months. Come New Year and I felt disgusted, depressed and lethargic about my whole health condition so I decided to get back to my gym (I did join the gym as soon I landed in U.S. but just didn't manage to enter it) !!! Oh-well, here I stepped on the weighing scale after 6 months of no workout and I have LOST another 5kgs! MAGIC??? - No! Well, I was doing a A LOT of house work which helped in the absence of "real" exercise - cleaning, dishes, laundry, and also a lot of walking (No Driving License, you see !!!) 

I was back with a BANG! I joined the gym, hired a personal trainer, again started eating 5 healthy meals in a day and I had lost another few kgs and a HUGE fat percentage! Before I realized the whole year passed-by and I didn't gain a single inch or ounce (since 5 years!) Now I just merely continue to do the same and eat smartly! Also have gone back to "my Pilates" (Like I OWN it :P)! It's amazing but more about that later. 

5 Health Lessons I learnt in 5 Years

- Never Give Up and Try Harder 
- Eat small portions of everything
- Workout at least 4/5 times a week
- Make health one of your priorities like Career!
- Stay Active on your feet! Move as much as possible

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