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Movies, Awards and more Drama

Oh! My God, I saw the Star Screen Awards last night. We had a very busy and exciting weekend which was then followed by the tragedy of Sajid & Farah Khan's comedy! I am so glad Ashutosh Gowariker went on the stage and voiced his opinion about the demeaning comments the brother-sister duo were making at all the winners and guests! It's like they invite them every year to ridicule them.

What bothers me even more is that Sajid defended himself saying, "This is a television show". No! It's not. It's an award function being telecasted on television (as they cannot possible invited the whole world to see the show in-person). If I was one of the nominee and attended the ridiculing ceremony, I would think twice before stepping on the stage because I know they would make a nasty remark about me or not allow me to even give a Thank-You speech! The show has to be hosted in a respectful manner so that you feel honored to be a winner not nervous to go on the stage!

Sajid Khan is simply an obnoxious, ego-centric, mean person. He has one hit to his credits which he keeps calling the "Biggest Grosser of the 2007". I have no clue how that movie even made a dime. It was no better than any other movie (which our country produces in dozens every week).

Moving from Sajid Khan to Slumdog Millionaire (SM)! This movie has been in news and debates for past 4 months now, I think. And it's only gaining momentum with Golden Globe and Oscar nominations.

Was it a good movie? Yes.
Did the cast act well? Yes.
Does it deserve all the accolades? Hmmm ... Ummm ... May be?!?!?!

I think the reason Indians are split between appreciating and criticizing the movie is because we have seen Indian Cinema (including regional movies in language besides hindi) produce better work which goes unnoticed and unappreciated every year. We are proud of A.R.Rahman but we all know he has done much better work than the soundtrack of SM. So we have no option but to believe that the Golden Globes and Oscars are a big hoo-haa only due to the marketing and publicity this movie has received.

All our movies are about lost & found love, where guys jumps hoops and bounds to get the girl back and they live happily ever after (against all odd and obstacles)। But none of those movies even get noticed (many of which might even have better story and performance).

Let's not even get started on how unrealistic and/or stereotypical SM was! I believe in giving the director a chance to paint whatever picture he wants to as long as he can justify it and make it entertaining. So on that front SM was entertaining-quality-movie, with superb editing and treatment. But we (as Indians) are not sure we would like the movie to go down history as on it's the best works portraying India!
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