Motivational Tip No.2 by The Drama Queen

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The drama always has to continue. My brain needs stimulants to even move a finger. It has to be charged and oiled with lots of drama and then more. Whenever my brain starts heading towards the stationary zone I have to 'intentionally' look for more ideas (and situations) to keep myself motivated. 

For example, adventure movies are an all-time motivation generator! Movies like Vertical Limit (2000), Cast Away (2000), Six Days Seven Nights (1998) and many more. I imagine to be stuck in same situations (as the characters in the movie) and then analyze how 'FIT' am I to deal with what's happening to them. Now, imagine, if Chris O'Donnell & Robin Tunney were fat (using this term loosely here) or if Harrison Ford hadn't kept himself in shape and Anne Heche didn't have those lean legs. I can promise you they would not have survived in those extreme situations! I know, this is like 'super' dramatic but hey! it works for me. I would not want to be "Hurley" (character from LOST) stuck on an island without any food but with 200 pounds of weight on me! I would want to be Irish in another lifetime though ... (but that story is for another time).

Besides all the drama, I also view my fitness as an investment in my future. If I take care of my body today, it will avoid having to bill hundreds of dollars to doctors and medicines later (or even now). I really, would rather travel and shop with that money! And on the upside of all the sweat I drain out of my body, I end up looking fabulous! That's gotta do it! Here I am just back from a workout and writing this but already motivated to go back to the gym (if I had to, but I won't :P) 

Tip No.2 - 
Think of fitness as an investment for a better tomorrow. 
No one would want to live on medicines!

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