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Motivational Tip No.1 by The Drama Queen

I believe motivation requires a little bit of drama. I have always had to think in superlative extremism and blow things out of proportion (well, being realistic as much as possible) and then go for it! I hold on to any thought that motivates me and helps me to go in the direction I always wanted to! (Oooh - Fitness ... AND Philosophy)

No one can ever MAKE me do anything (Ask my Mom) :P I know that all the world's trainers-diets-health foods-fat loss pills cannot replace my own will to be FIT. Absolutely NOTHING else will work and this is coming from a person who had tried everything possible to lose weight "quickly". There is no quick way around the body. 

I had always been a 'cute-chubby' kid (big-boned-broad-structured) and now I think this was just an excuse for not being 'fit'. My Mom (Let's call her Super-Mom) ... so my Super-Mom tried her best to cajole me (and my brother) into all sorts of exercises when I was growing up- Swimming, Badminton, Taekwando, etc. But I just wouldn't give my 100%, simply because I was being 'told-to-do-so'. To be honest I never really thought I was FAT. I was just not skinny and that was fine with me, until I realized (more like SHOCKED) that I was actually FAT! 

I found extremely hard to motivate myself to do something about it. When I did go to the gym, I found it even harder to stay there long enough to do any serious exercising. On the down side, by going to the gym I started believing that I could eat anything I want. Psychologically I was working-out now, so I deserved to treat my self (but what - EVERYDAY?)!

However, 5 years ago when (I think!) my fitness-journey actually began, I derived motivation from jealousy! I gawked upon everyone whom I considered fit (my ex-roommates, celebrities, colleagues). Specifically and most importantly I drew my motivation from people who were once in my shoes but today were FIT. So if they could do it then I DEFINITELY could (because, you see, I am above everyone :P)! This, probably, was the turning point! The competitiveness in my brain led me to see the light ... ! But the best part is that those people didn't even know I was competing with them. (Isn't that the best kind of competition! - You always win :P)

So the Tip (No.1) here is - 
Draw motivation from things you see "Everyday"
Only then you will be able to stay motivated "Everyday"