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October 2014 in Review

October 2014 in Review,
TOP ROW: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
BOTTOM ROW: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Summer or Fall, looks like nothing can keep me away from colors. It has been quite an interesting month. Each outfit is different from the other. I wore skirts, maxi, saree, tunic, dresses ... practically everything. 
I like seeing all the outfits together at the end of the month. It puts things in perspective. I can self analyze - Did I play safe? Was I attracted to any one color? Did I get a good use out of my wardrobe? I like to know the answers to these questions, even though I don't think about them at all while picking out my clothes daily.
Moving on ... Life is going great. I am finally settled and can move around the area without checking google maps every two seconds. Spent the summer/fall doing lots of outdoor activities and socializing. Now, I am hesitantly looking forward to the winter months *shudder*.  
Blogging wise, DMV area (D.C. / Maryland / Virgina) has a thriving blogging community. I have interacted with so many wonderful local bloggers and businesses. It has been a fun last couple of months. I am so excited for 2015 already. 
Lastly, I am happy to inform you that I am ticking off stuff from my Fall Bucket List, left right and center. Out of 10, I am 5 down and 6th is coming up soon! Aka BREAK. Like a real one. I am gonna step away from my computer and get some work done. I would however, be active on other social mediums. Come say hi! if you miss me :) 
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Lust List: Ankle Boots via Urban Outfitters

Lust List: Ankle Boots via Urban Outfitters, 
I am seriously obsessed with Ankle Boots. The previous seasons it has been either about the regular calf length boots or the over-the-knee boots but ... this year I CANNOT stop obsessing about the ankle boots. 
Although I want them ALL, I especially want these. Can you tell, I am totally motivated to shop this winter? Desperately need to update my fall/winter closet. Shoes, included! 

Which one is catching your fancy?!

Ponytail Styling

This year I really embraced the ponytail. All my life I have loved having my hair down and flowing, so I don't know what got inside this year. As I look back over the posts from the previous months I noticed the 'ponytail' making its presence felt. Below are the three ways I styled them: 
Perfect for the hot summer months, when you cannot stand having hair on your face or neck. It also gives a nice clean look which can be worn day and night, both.  
This is an easy-boho-way of styling the ponytail. Let it sit lower on the neck adds a feminine touch to the look.  
aka the chic ponytail, as I like to call it. Add a few loose curls towards the end of the pony tail with a slight poof in the front and voila! you are ready. I find it a more classy way to wear a ponytail. Y'know when you want to show that you made a little more effort than just tie it up with a hair tie! 
Do you like ponytails? Which one is your favorite?

What is one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

I have been totally falling behind on the #TDCLBlogtober Challenge but I am still trying to pick up topics which I feel I have something to say about. The previous one was simpler and I have been doing quite well with my fall bucket list. 
Coming to today's topic, I think the advice I would give to my younger self would be to stop taking life so fucking seriously and to live a little. I would tell myself to just go after my dreams unapologetically and stop thinking about how everyone else would be affected by my decisions. I would tell myself to take charge of my life (sooner) and to stop worrying about everything. The world will go on. 
Jacket - Howrah Bridge, Top - Massimo Dutti, Jeans - Liverpool Jeans, Shoes - Nordstrom,
Jacket - Howrah Bridge, Top - Massimo Dutti, Jeans - Liverpool Jeans, Shoes - Nordstrom,
Jacket - Howrah Bridge, Top - Massimo Dutti, Jeans - Liverpool Jeans, Shoes - Nordstrom,
Jacket - Howrah Bridge, Top - Massimo Dutti, Jeans - Liverpool Jeans, Shoes - Nordstrom,
Jacket - Howrah Bridge, Top - Massimo Dutti, Jeans - Liverpool Jeans, Shoes - Nordstrom,
Jacket - Howrah Bridge, Top - Massimo Dutti, Jeans - Liverpool Jeans, Shoes - Nordstrom,
Jacket - Howrah Bridge, Top - Massimo Dutti, Jeans - Liverpool Jeans, Shoes - Nordstrom,
Jacket (previously worn here) - Howrah Bridge
Top - Massimo Dutti
Jeans - Liverpool Jeans
Shoes - Nordstrom
Clutch - Gift

JRINK - 3 Day Reboot

Juice Cleanse, Jrink Juicery, Washington D.C., DMV Area,
Last month I did a 3 Day Reboot Not-As-Easy (Juice Cleanse) from JRINK Juicery. After the non-stop summer travel I was feeling sluggish and wanted to (literally) "reboot" my system. This wasn't my first juice cleanse. I have been doing them once (and sometimes twice) a year, for past several years. The concept of periodic fasting aka cleanse has roots in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Light fasting is part of every week in Hindu tradition, depending on where in India you come from.
Among the life long benefits (of a longer lifespan) I have always felt rejuvenated and recharged after the cleanse. However, people with strenuous physical jobs or other health problems should NOT do the cleanse without consulting their doctors. 
What to expect while on a juice cleanse:
  1. First day is hard. You are sending your body into a shock mode
  2. Constant urge to give up and binge eat
  3. Feeling full and satisfied at the end of the day
What a juice cleanse will do for you:
  1. Reboot your metabolism
  2. Help you break away from unhealthy eating habits 
  3. Lead a passage to starting a new healthy eating routine
What a juice cleanse will NOT do for you:
  1. You will NOT lose weight
  2. It will NOT magically solve all your dietary/gastrointestinal issues
  3. It can NOT be a lifestyle choice
Having moved to DMV area, I decided to go with a local juicery - JRINK for my cleanse. I got it home delivered on the first day of the cleanse and the delivery was prompt and started my cleanse from 9:00am onwards. I couldn't have been happier with their service and product. If you are in the DMV area you must check JRINK out. 
How about you? Have you done a Juice cleanse? 
What has your experience been like? 
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